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  1. akysz

    "more than one" prefixes in one thread

    I mean, some "thread themes" or names are compatible with two or more prefixes I created and It would be great to have possibility to add two or more prefixes when "create the thread" for example: in my forum will be list of microphones and prefixes will be "groups of instruments" you can use...
  2. akysz

    automatically added blank form in thread

    I'm not sure how to describe it, but I'll try :-) I think about database of music clubs for musicians/bands and already created CATEGORY. In that CATEGORY there's already a prefix for "Polish provinces" when user creating a new thread. Each new thread in that category will be created only for...
  3. akysz

    Duplicate "like this" option visible for person who likes it

    If "like this" option would be visible for person who like concrete post, not only by person their post is liked, it would be great. I mean when I click "like this post", only author of that post can see it, not me. It would be easier to "mark" interested informations (posts) for me, not only...