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  1. ibrian

    XF 2.2 Disable "Show people's signatures with their messages"?

    Is it possible to remove this option, or at least have it set up on a usergroup basis? It's just that I have subscribers where having a signature is part of the package, and for non-paying members to be able to turn them off kind of defeats that part of it.
  2. ibrian

    XF 2.2 Formatting tags page?

    My tags page just looks like a big jumble of text that's hard for people to use: Is there anyway of re-presenting the tags so that it's easier for users to reference? For example, by setting up tags in 2 or 3 columns, please? Any replies much appreciated.
  3. ibrian

    XF 2.1 Change display level for categories?

    I have 3 levels of nodes showing and would like to change the display to show only the first level, ie: Category 1 Forum 1 - Forum 2 to Category 1 - Forum 1 where you'd have to click on Forum 1 to see Forum 2 listed. I remember with vbulletin 3 I could change the display level settings...
  4. ibrian

    Thank you for the spam management

    I recently realized just how little spam affects my forums now, so I just wanted to say thank you to the Xenforo developers for managing to take control of and minimize a problem that had long been the bane of us admins. :)
  5. ibrian

    Lack of interest Give prior notice to members before paid upgrade payment

    It's great that Xenforo provides a paid membership upgrade option. However, would it be possible to add an option for an automated email be sent to such users a week before any renewals? Just that would make for happier members. :)
  6. ibrian

    Duplicate IE11 problems with bbcode and smilies

    Just a heads up that some of my forum members are complaining about problems with using IE11 since we upgraded to XF 2.1.2, specifically relating to the use of bbcode:
  7. ibrian

    Lack of interest Focus on loading times

    Not knocking what's been achieved with XF in the years I've been with this platform, but loading speed is now increasingly a concern and I'd like to suggest that becomes a focus for the dev team to focus on soon. I mean, even the XF community forums don't rate too hot according to Google...
  8. ibrian

    XF 2.1 A way to limit Push Notifications message?

    Some of my members are complaining that when they opt out of receiving Push Notifications, they can't get rid of the pop-up bar at the bottom of the screen asking if they'd like to receive Push Notifications. I think the Push Notifications are a great idea and they are working great for me -...
  9. ibrian

    Lack of interest There are no threads in this forum.

    Something that's long bugged me since the vbulletin days, is that if you set up a forum with disallowed posting, there's always an empty table at the bottom titled something like "There are no threads in this forum." with text underneath saying something like "YOU HAVE INSUFFICIENT PRIVILEGES TO...
  10. ibrian

    XF 2.0 Subscribe through Paypal without Paypal account?

    I've set up member subscriptions using a Paypal payment profile, but members are saying they are being made to setup a Paypal account to make their payments and this isn't going down well. Is it possible for member upgrades to go through Paypal simply as a payment processor, without having to...
  11. ibrian

    XF 2.0 No alerts for Watched Forums?

    IS it possible to get alerts for Watched forums? Just that we don't seem to be getting any - no idea whether this is not a feature of XF2, or whether there's something else I need to change in the admin settings. Any advice much appreciated. :)
  12. ibrian

    XF 2.0 Query for designating threads in forum ID with tag ID?

    Is there a query I can use in phpmyadmin to add a specific tag ID to all threads within a specific forum ID, please? For example, in my HP Lovecraft subforum (node ID 100) I'd like to add the tag "HP Lovecraft" (tag ID 200) to every thread already posted there. I could do it manually, but I...
  13. ibrian

    XF 2.0 Conditional statement for styles?

    I'm trying to set up a widget to only appear in a particular style, and have followed the instructions in this thread: 1. Set up widget with advanced selected but no positions, which calls up a 2nd widget 2. 2nd widget has...
  14. ibrian

    XF 2.0 How to change settings for unread thread links?

    I'm struggling to find a setting or CSS value that causes unread thread title links to be bolded. Could someone please advise where I look to edit this value to change the decoration, please?
  15. ibrian

    XF 2.0 Alerts for watched forums?

    Is it possible to get alert notifications for watched forums? Meanwhile only in the balloon at the top right of site, rather than an email alert. I had thought this was possible, but I'm struggling to find settings to allow me to get them.
  16. ibrian

    XF 2.0 See replies while you were writing your post?

    In XF1.5, if you were writing a post, but other people had already replied to the thread while doing so, a link would come up to see those new posts in that thread before posting. I don't see that in XF2, but is that a user error on my part, or was that feature dropped?
  17. ibrian

    XF 2.0 Problem with no show attachments after XF1.5 to XF2.05 upgrade

    Got a strange problem with attachments on our forum after the upgrade from XF1.5 to XF2.05 - a lot work, but a lot are not displaying. Yet if I go into the Attachments manager in the admincp, I can find thumbnails of them, suggesting that the physical files are at least present. For example...
  18. ibrian

    Lack of interest Make poll link more obvious in XF2

    Just a suggestion that the currently "Post poll" link perhaps be bolded and aligned to the right to stand beside the collapsible arrow. I've just upgraded and one of my members complained that it's not very obvious how to post a poll, and I have to admit the current styling looks a little...
  19. ibrian

    XF 2.0 Style tag cloud as widget in sidebar?

    I'd like to set up my community tag cloud as a widget in the sidebar on the homepage - but it would be even more ideal if I could style it so that there was one tag per line. However, I've not been able to get anything to work. While there are a couple of tag cloud widgets for the sidebar, they...
  20. ibrian

    XF 1.5 How to set style by user group?

    I'd like to have a style which contains ads for guests, but a style without ads for registered members. I've been having a look around the settings, and I've searched here, but I'm struggling to find an answer. Could someone please advise? :)