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  1. Agusti Fernandez Pardo

    [Paid] vBSEO redirections to Xenforo using nginx

    Hi there guys, I've recently migrated my forums from vBulletin to XF and I need to redirect my old urls to XF's. I know there's this plugin but I don't know how to really use it, and also, I run nginx so I can't just use the...
  2. Agusti Fernandez Pardo

    Moving a Big Board from vBulletin to XenForo?

    Hello there, I've got here since we updated our forums to vb4, I hate this last release, didn't know about all the 'changes' on vBulletin Development Team, but now it all makes sense... I've paid a lot for my move to vb4, and I'm not really happy about having to look for new perspectives. I...