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  1. Adam K M

    Style Facebook messenger-esque post layout

    I'm currently working on a style which has a feature that allows posts by the current visitor to have the post information moved to the right - and I decided that maybe this feature will look better if the post information is also coloured similarly to already existing messaging applications...
  2. Adam K M

    New editor buttons - feedback:

    Hello guys, I just spent around an hour and fifteen minutes restyling the buttons/editor for xenForo's default editor, and I'm wondering... Yay or nay? What're your thoughts on this icon changeup? For those wondering, it uses (extended) Material Design Icons.
  3. Adam K M

    Google released a material design framework for web (finally)!

    Hey guys! So google has released a (second?) material design framework for the world wide web, and this time it looks simply fantastic and much more easily integratable with most websites nowadays, unlike polymer that preceded it. It's always so tempting to pop this down on a xenForo style...
  4. Adam K M

    XF 1.5 webDav not working (Can't upload, but can create & delete templates)

    Hello everyone, Just as the title suggests, with Cyberduck I can create a new file / delete files in my style, yet I can't actually download a template, modify it (then hit save) and get it automatically re-uploaded - Cyberduck gives me an error when trying to (presumably) overwrite an already...
  5. Adam K M

    [SCC] Minecraft Server Status [Deleted]

    Adam K M submitted a new resource: ♦SCC♦ Minecraft Server Status - A powerful minecraft server status add-on for xenForo Read more about this resource...
  6. Adam K M

    [SCC] Simple Donations

    Adam K M submitted a new resource: [SCC] Simple Donations - A super-simple, basic, add-on that adds a donation widget to your sidebar! Read more about this resource...
  7. Adam K M

    Add-on Is using xenForo options to display fancy HTML content bad practice?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if using the node-group's description (HTML enabled) field to add some fairly "decked out" documentation for my add-on is bad practice. I've never seen this used in any other add-ons, and maybe it hasn't because this is a fairly novel idea, or it's been avoided because of...
  8. Adam K M

    Adding a custom field to forum nodes.

    Hey guys, I'd like to add a custom field to forum nodes, and pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I've gone through some of xenForo's code but I'm having determining everything. It's managed by the data writer, correct? Some example code for me to go off of as well as...
  9. Adam K M

    Add-on Post links in thread permission - In the name of combatting spam!

    Hello, I would love to see a add-on that adds a permission that users must have to post links in threads/replies (and a maximum number of links, if possible). I believe this should be similar to the already existing signature permissions, but under Forum Permissions.
  10. Adam K M

    Getting XML/RSS while board is "closed"

    Hello, I'm currently working on some custom resources for a forum, currently in the Options -> Board Active, I have turned the forum off, as I don't want users coming and seeing incomplete parts of the new forum. On the homepage (a regular page node), I would like to show the content from the...
  11. Adam K M

    What are these UI sprites for?

    For the life of me, I can't remember the instances in which the following icons are used. Can anyone tell me what they are used for? (I'm changing all the icons, and it helps to know the case in which they're being used for...) I can assume what #3 is for, but I haven't seen it in a while, so I...
  12. Adam K M

    Style Turubai - Early feedback program... We want YOUR feedback!

    Hello everyone! We're fairly excited to present to you our first XenForo style, Turubai! It's currently in the development stage, and will be a paid style (although we're going to offer orders during a beta for 50% off). Please be aware that some of the style depicted in the screenshots are...
  13. Adam K M

    Style Paid XenForo style containing parts from the default style.

    Hello, We're currently developing a premium style for XenForo which we are planning to sell for $20. We started off our style by duplicating the default XenForo Style, and then making our template and style customations from there. We've got a lost of pretty heavy customizations in the style...
  14. Adam K M

    Lack of interest Keyboard shortcut to save style properties.

    Hello, I was wondering if for the style properties we would ever be able to get the keyboard shortcut of "ctrl" + "s" (which we have for templates) to save our style properties. I'm so used to hitting ctrl s on the template editor that I now often find myself facing a google chrome popup...
  15. Adam K M

    [Pixel Crescent] Minecraft Server Status (Simple)

    I just uploaded a new resource! Feel free to use this thread to get/give help, as questions, make comments, etc. I hope you enjoy this simple (but free) minecraft server status plugin! It's open source, so feel free to go ahead and dissect the code and figure out how everything works! Before...
  16. Adam K M

    Upload Add-on to xenforo resource manager, or my own website?

    Hello! I'm currently about to release my first add-on on xenforo, and for free. I was wondering about the pros / cons to having it downloadable directly through xenforo's resource manager, or if I should make it downloadable through my own website. Can you give me valid reasons for each one...
  17. Adam K M

    XF 1.4 Xenforo syntax for targeting styles

    Hello, I was wondering what the Xenforo template syntax (if it exists) is for displaying certain content when the user is using a specific style. (The reason being that we've got some images which we want to change when the user is using a 'dark' theme versus one of our lighter themes.) Any...
  18. Adam K M

    Initialize XenForo Redactor Editor on Custom Field

    Hello, Can anyone help me initialize XenForo's redactor editor on a custom user field? What kind of php callback would I need to use? Secondly, would I need to do anything special to have it return the correct display information? (Like another php callback on displaying the info, and in this...
  19. Adam K M

    Custom Field Upload Attatchments

    Hello, I was wondering how I would go about setting up a custom user field (well, actually a custom thread field powered by Waindigo's plugin) which acts the same as the 'upload a file' button below the XenForo User Field, and it let's users upload files with extensions of my own choice. (I'm...
  20. Adam K M

    (Answered) Verify _XFToken to user id or username

    Hello, So, the big question is: Where can I verify/confirm that a _xfToken is actually the correct _xfToken for the username who submitted it? I can't seem to find it in the Forum MySQL Database, or in the XenForo Library files. What class/function handles this in XenForo? Thanks!