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  1. principia

    XF 1.2 deleting all posts from one user in only one thread

    i have a very long thread with several thousands of posts. in this thread i want to delete all posts from a special user. is there an easy way?
  2. principia

    happy christmas from chuck

  3. principia

    minerskinz closed not good.
  4. principia

    Fixed Error during 1.2 upgrade

    got this error during upgrade:
  5. principia

    Tabs in Profilepage

    Have a problem in my Profile Page, there are to much Tabs :) how can I delete some?
  6. principia

    maximal characters in profile page post

    is it possible to change the maximal characters from 140 to another number, lets say 500 ?
  7. principia

    Not a bug poll percentage

    there seems to be a mistake in calculating .
  8. principia

    XF 1.1 first post of thread in notice

    is there a way to show the first post of a thread in a notice above this thread on every page of this thread..
  9. principia

    limit signature

    is there a easy way to limit the signature to 3 lines? i have problems with my users ignoring my rules :(
  10. principia

    Fixed error message every hour (deleted forums with expiring redirects)

    since some weeks ago i got this error in the error log: #0 /home/www/web197/html/forum/library/XenForo/DataWriter/Discussion/Thread.php(386): XenForo_Application::handlePhpError(false) #1 /home/www/web197/html/forum/library/XenForo/DataWriter/Discussion/Thread.php(395)...
  11. principia

    Congratulations for no more bugs

    nice work.
  12. principia

    XF 1.1 Attchment System not showing the size

    here is what it shows to me
  13. principia

    XF 1.1 changing colours of prefixfonts

    the prefixes are very nice, i use them often. but the white fonts sometimes are not easy to read, how can i change them to black ?
  14. principia

    Duplicate  Inbox/Conversation Error

    I will try to explain.(Uh, very complicated) I have a Conversation running with 6 Users. In the meantime there are over 500 posts (fine,if i could delete some of them ;)) 12 posts are showing on one page. If someone posts the eleventh post of a page, an alert show to the others that there is...
  15. principia

    Facebook and Style not working 100%

    I have integrated my forum with the facebook account. Works so far. Nice feature. But when I go to my Userpage, there is a styleerror in showing the facebook app. How can I fix this?
  16. principia

    I´m in trouble and it´s by reason of XF

    As I told two weeks before, I have converted my Forum from SMF to XF. Everything went good. Normaly there are 10-15 users online and the Shared Hoster works fine and costs not much money.:) But after the Converting, my traffic rised up. At the Moment there are normaly 30-40 Users online at the...
  17. principia

    My experience - SMF to xenforo

    Hello Community - Its done. Ater some month of testing and styling with my XF Forum (Im still the one and only user for that time ;)) I want to convert from my Wordpress+SMF Website to XF. My goal was to have one software wich contains all: Article, Forum, Videos, Calendar and XF seems to do...
  18. principia

    some things missing in ACP on my Laptop

    I have a Acer Laptop, with Win7 installed. When I open the ACP, there are some things not shown. Tested with Chrome and IE9
  19. principia

    Fixed  problems importing from smf over vb

    i try to import a smf forum over vb to xf. the converting to vb has gone, but when i try to import to xf i get an error: while importing thread and posts. error details: preg_match_all() [<a href='function.preg-match-all'>function.preg-match-all</a>]: Compilation failed: unrecognized...