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  1. AnjaV

    Implemented Option to disable likes on comments

    Really would like that.
  2. AnjaV

    Can see who

    Would be nice for Admin to have an able and enable member groups option:
  3. AnjaV

    User banners

    Missing user banners on Media gallery. Might be useful for recognizing payed subscriptions and moderators/admin
  4. AnjaV

    extra option location media fields

    It would be nice to have an extra option added to media gallery fields like: At the hover of the thumbnail
  5. AnjaV

    Close and reopen comments from media gallery

    It would be very helpful if moderator and admin had the option to close and reopen comments at media items in mediagallery
  6. AnjaV

    XF 2.2 Server error after upgrade

    Hello, After upgrade to 2.2 Alpha I got this message What does it mean and how can it be fixed? Edit. It's fixed with an upgrade for Media Gallery.
  7. AnjaV

    attachments in media gallery comments

    Hello, I wish there was an attachments button in Media gallery with the same options as in forum.
  8. AnjaV

    XF 2.1 attachments

    Hello, I wish I could create add attachments button to Mediagallery with the same options as in forum. Does anyone know and want to tell me how?
  9. AnjaV

    XF 2.1 no logo on MAC

    My logo does not show on MAC. It does show on Windows.
  10. AnjaV

    XF 2.1 No mail

    I don't receive mail when a new member got registered. It would be nice if I did but how? I tried everything possible but without results so I think it might be a bug.
  11. AnjaV

    XF 2.2 make adjustsments

    Hi, I'd like to make a few adjustments in Dutch translation but where can I find the right template?
  12. AnjaV

    XF 2.2 Permissions

    How come I'm not able to add different permissions on usergroups at individual forums and mediagategory's? Every time I want to adjust permission on one particular category or Forum I get an Oops.
  13. AnjaV

    Post count

    Just have media gallery for less than a week but I do miss the post count in Media and that is more important to me and my users than post count in forum. I could not find an item in cPanel to activate post count in Media. Is there some add on for this? Otherwise it would be very nice to add...