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  1. DigNap15

    How can I improve my first article thread

    Hello I posted the first Artilcle Thread on my fourm last night, as a trial (its an article about new car sales in Belarus) (Its got 5 pages of comments) I was a bit diappointed, in that I was not able to do as...
  2. DigNap15

    XF 2.2 My fourm won't load on desktop

    Hello I woke up this morning and my forum will not load on my desktop I am on Firefox, but it wont load from Edge either. I noticed this new icon at the top left of my url Any suggestions
  3. DigNap15

    XF 2.2 PWA vs Icon on Mobile Home Page

    Is there any difference between the new PWA and just putting our forums on the Mobile Home page? I have put my forum on my mobile and my tablet home page and I get generic icons. It works great. Is there any advantage with the new XF PWA I set my PWA yesterday, and I am waiting for browsers...
  4. DigNap15

    XF 2.2 Favicon for Bookmark HomePage on Mobiles

    hello I have just found out how to put my forum on my mobile phone and Tablet. (Its taken me a while to do this, as I am not a big mobile user) But I want to advise all of my members how to do this, in case they have not already Some of them forget the name of my forum so did not log in So I...
  5. DigNap15

    XF 2.2 What could be causing members to be logged out?

    What could be causing members to be logged out? I have had several members report this I have not made any changes
  6. DigNap15

    XF 2.2 As admin I cannot click on Members reaction totals

    Hello I just upgraded to verion 2.2.2 As admin I cannot click on Members reaction totals There is no hand tool when I mouse over the reaction totals. I used to be able to click on this and see the number of reactions like, dislike etc I do have a Reaction Add-on But I imagine this is a problem...
  7. DigNap15

    XF 2.2 Registration Captcha

    Hello I am getting a couple of spammers every day (starting to be a bit of a pain) I wonder if my captcha is working I do not even know if I have one. (I cant test my registartion process as I do not have a spare email address) I have looked at the User Registation options It mentions Captcha V2...
  8. DigNap15

    How to implement some articles into my forum

    Hello I have a very standard layout forum its going well I have not yet used the articles types. I am wanting to see some basic forum layouts using articles Could you point me to a few? Also where would you put articles in my forum? Would you create a new forum...
  9. DigNap15

    XF 2.1 Deleting a Title Name causes big problems

    Hello This is not a bug but it causes a big problem. if you go ACP > User Title Ladder and then delete one of the Titles (by clicking on the check box) the Title Name disappaears. But then, all of your members with that title revert to New Member! The only way to fix this, is then to somehow...
  10. DigNap15

    XF 2.2 Notice - Just for one Category

    Hello I have just started using the Notices features - took me a while to find it. But it great1 Is there a way to have a Notice just for one category? as well?
  11. DigNap15

    XF 2.2 Setting Up a Private Forum group Permission

    Hello I am having trouble setting up a new Forum Node that is Private and viewable and postable to only one Group (plus Admin of course) I have done this once before, but I cannot do it now. It is not very easy or intuitve I have set up a new Forum Node And a New user Group The manual says 1...
  12. DigNap15

    XF 2.1 Server and Database Files where are they kept?

    Hello I am famailar with computer files etc, but not so much with forums and webhosts I keep seeing references to Server Files and Database Files Here are the webhost folders for my forum Public-html .well known images Community data install internal_data attachments js library src Styles...
  13. DigNap15

    XF 2.1 Getting ready to Upgrade to 2.2 - Add-ons

    Hello I am on 2.1 with four or five Add-ons I will check that they are all 2.2 compatible? My question is, I have heard that it is a good idea to disable them first. is this needed? And if so what happens when you disable and then re-enable an add-on?
  14. DigNap15

    XF 2.1 Forum Permissions - View Title only

    Hello, I have set up a new Forum Category called "The Left Bank" And I have set up a New User group called "Lefties" Can I set it up so that all members will see the new Category Title But only members of the new Group "Lefties "will be able to see the threads in it and post?
  15. DigNap15

    XF 2.1 What can't I do when Board Active?

    Hello I want to set up a new Node, a Group and Permissions, can I do that while the board is Active? Or do I have to turn it off? What sort of jobs do I need to turn the board off for? Thanks
  16. DigNap15

    XF 2.1 Email problems - xyz Replied to A Thread You are watching

    Hello, every day I get about 20 bounced emails. They are mostly xyz replied to a Thread You are Watching at My Forum I have checked with the destination email and they are valid And my email server tells me there is no problem But something is wrong Some of Mail delivered Failed messages have...
  17. DigNap15

    XF 2.1 Setting up a Backup System

    Hello Since I have been into computers I have been into backups And with the latest ransome ware hacks in Canon USA, Garmin (they paid!) and our New Zealand Stock Exchange I have decided to set up a back system. I am going to buy a cheap PC box, put WIndows on it and have it unconnceted to my...
  18. DigNap15

    Make the Report System into a Report System

    Hello Could please improve the Report System so that the offending Member and the Reporting Members can be sent messages from with the Reports dialogue box At the momment it seems to have no use
  19. DigNap15

    XF 2.1 How does the Report system work

    Ive been an admin now for 6 months, and I still don't see how the Report System works I do not have any mods yet. I don't undertand the point of all the options in the graphic below. None of them see to have any effect. So I have to write two pm's one to the offender, and one to the Reporting...
  20. DigNap15

    XF 2.1 My First Moderator - Promoting a Member

    Hello Up till now I am the sole Moderator (Admin) I want to promte a member to be a moderator On looking through the various pesmissions, it almost seems that If I set them to be a moderator, I will have to enable some very basic permissions. it almost seems as if a moderator is not really a...