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  1. RalleRalle

    XF 2.2 Merge of outdated templates won't work like described in manual at all

    After ugrade I have a handful of outdated templates in a parent theme. When I click on "merge" the manual says I would get yellow and blue areas and buttons I can do the merging with... BUT all I get is either: B.) "The custom template is out of...
  2. RalleRalle

    improve handling of upgrades and updates, PLEASE

    Sorry. I feel that you need to focus more on the needs of your customers: We forum-admins are your customers. It seems to me that you focus too much on user-experience - with the "user" being the forum-user. But I see too little improvement happening for the ones that pay your bills: us. e.g...
  3. RalleRalle

    XF 2.1 How to interrupt upgrade? Help, please.

    Hi, I started the upgrade to 2.2.1 without knowing what I am doing. Short time later I landed at https://myurl/forum/install/index.php?upgrade/ and saw the warning "Upgrading to 2.2.1 is a significant upgrade ... Click the button below to begin the upgrade to 2.2.1." Is there a way to stop this...
  4. RalleRalle

    XF 2.1 "You have insufficient privileges" grey Button, but "analyze rights" says "yes"

    Hi, I recently moved from v1.5 to v2 and one forum now gives me headaches. I cannot post in existing threads there. The button is greyed out with "You have insufficient privileges". The thread is open, and there is no post ban on that thread for my account (after all: I had admin rights!). And...
  5. RalleRalle

    Upgrade Service for a huge site 1.5 > 2.x

    Hi I plan on moving my forum off 1.5 soon. It is quite big (13G database, 6.5mio posts). The addons can be ignored during the upgrade - But I have a custom style (flatawesome) an some modified itens in a child style (templates mainly). What service can I get for the "upgrade service"? Do you...
  6. RalleRalle

    Add-on Steady HQ (and Patreon) integration: Sync to secoundary user group

    hi, I would really like to have a service like Patreon or SteadyHQ integrated: Users pay a membership fee there and as long as they do so that plugin keeps an according secondary user group in their userprofile in Xenforo. I'd prefer Steady - it has a REST API and works with OAuth 2.0...
  7. RalleRalle

    User Upgrades & Monetization - Documentation still missing

    I would really like to know what xf2 offers for paid memeberships wihtout having to buy and test it. Would you mind outlining what is possible? Did I understand right, that you offer PayPal recurring payments only? No SteadyHQ or Patreon? Thank you
  8. RalleRalle

    XF 1.5 Update to 1.5.20a fails! "Developer: option_value is not a valid array (privacyPolicyUrl)"

    Hi, my forum is down. I started the upgrade as usual (FTP-upload & run "install") and it quickly came to a stop: "Developer: option_value is not a valid array (privacyPolicyUrl)" argh. Any ideas anyone?
  9. RalleRalle

    Uploads: I don't get it... I guess

    Hi, when I want to embed a picture in a post I click "upload a File" and it gets uploaded and attached to the post. I think, because I cannot see it: After the uploading is completed nothing shows up, I can close the dialog and that's it. But if I post my reply and then use "edit" a handy...
  10. RalleRalle

    XF 1.4 Fatal Error: Class 'XenForo_CacheRebuilder_Forum' not found

    I've XF v1.4.6 with elastic search. Since 2 weeks all of a sudden I have one of these every 2 or 3 days: ErrorException: Fatal Error: Class 'XenForo_CacheRebuilder_Forum' not found -library/XenForo/CacheRebuilder/Abstract.php:114 #0 [internal function]: XenForo_Application::handleFatalError()...
  11. RalleRalle

    XF 1.4 private staff forum gives me headaches (rights)

    Hi, like I guess all of you I also have a staff-forum, a forum only for my moderators. My problem: Every posts the moderators write in the staff-forum land in the moderating queue and have to be moderated. Why? What I did: I set that forum node to "private" and the "new threads / posts have to...
  12. RalleRalle

    XF 1.4 How do I display page node content within PAGE_CONTAINER template?

    Hi, sorry, I was not able to find anything on this with the search (or: I found too much which was not related to what I want to do) I would like to use xenforo to serve a static HTML-page without any javascript or xenforo-headers or anything. What I did: 1.) I defined a new style called...