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  1. ichpen

    Cannot reproduce Search Forum Renaming Issue

    Just trying Search forums for the very first time on XF 2.2.2. Steps to recreate: Create new search forum with title: ABC Criteria Thread type: Article Forum include: Select a few forums that return results Save Now go back and change Search Forum title to: DEF Leave all other criteria as is...
  2. ichpen

    XF 2.1 XF:FileCheck fails

    Recently I've been getting these daily after each file check. I am able to run file check manually and it does complete. Things that changed: Updated to PHP 7.4.12, reindex my thumbnail attachments and removed some addons that were uninstalled. One of these every day...
  3. ichpen

    XF 2.2 Updating to 2.2.1 - addon fun

    So I'm rehearsing a 2.2 upgrade from a 2.1.11 forum on a test VM with a real copy of my prod data. This is more of an FYI post. Good thing for dress rehearsals. Uploaded the 2.2.1 upgrade package. Going to /install I get "XenForo is already installed in your database. Continuing will remove...
  4. ichpen

    Youtube widget

    Curious if anyone knows or has had success integrating a youtube channel listing into a full size widget? Or if there's an addon I'm missing. I know Xenrio is a stream scraper so not the same. I'm looking for some means of neatly embedding videos from a youtube channel preferably in some order...
  5. ichpen

    XF 2.1 Promotion question

    So I thought I had user promos somewhat sussed but alas something is not making sense. Today I have a typical ladder system user has between x and y posts and gets promoted and drops off the previous group. This works fine. I modified promo1 to apply when user is NOT in newgroup but still...
  6. ichpen

    Fixed Date pickers take me back in time

    So this is cute. Discovered by accident when trying to figure out an issue with @NixFifty and thought it was his addon but seems to be a universal datepicker problem. This happens on multiple PCs and Android devices in Chrome and Opera. I am in Eastern Time Zone. Changing the day entry in a...
  7. ichpen

    XF 2.1 Stats issues

    I see this sporadically over the years and wonder what is time really.... I've rerun user stats rebuild. Is there any other cache rebuild I should be running?
  8. ichpen

    XF 2.1 2.1.4 Upgrade Stalled

    Weird issue trying to upgrade from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4. Hit upgrade in ACP. Process seems to have stalled with the below console error: /js/xf/core-compiled.js?_v=840066bf:402 Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token Hitting refresh produces: Invalid key. Please upgrade manually.
  9. ichpen

    XF 2.1 XF 2.1 - Job.php running wild

    So this appears very reminiscent of the bug fixed here that I also previously experienced: Since upgrading to 2.1 yesterday I'm noticing both on in Chrome console as well as GTMetrix and other online...
  10. ichpen

    What's the deal with 2.1 support only?

    Bit of a rant on a trend I'm noticing. We're still relatively early days into 2.1 as far as I can tell so maybe a month or two away from Gold? Who knows. So why are a number of resource authors bundling bug fixes, new features etc into 2.1 required releases of their respective addons? I know...
  11. ichpen

    As designed Username lookup with multiple @

    I have a few users that have an embedded @ in their usernames for example dave@something. I'm noticing that XF2 username lookup in any view (post, conversation etc) doesn't work for those users though it will resolve BBCode [USER=xxx] if I type it out fully. Typing @Dave@something never shows...
  12. ichpen

    Not a bug Can't register with Google connected account

    This was working perfectly in XF1 however at some point since XF2 migration I'm now getting a very odd issue. I think there's an XF2 bug in there also. Steps to recreate: 1. Go to 2. Pick Google + 3. Usual auth with Google 4. Hit register button after filling out...
  13. ichpen

    XF 2.0 Strange php-fpm errors

    Noticing these in my www-php logs. PHP Warning: require(/home/nginx/domains/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/nginx/domains/ blic/deferred.php on line 9 [22-Apr-2018 06:40:50 UTC] PHP Fatal error...
  14. ichpen

    Add-on Classifieds for XF2

    For the sake of posterity and again as I don't see this on the first few pages, we desperately need a good and supported Classifieds addon for XF 2. I would type up some better requirements but currently on a phone so recommend you look at the last few pages of the old Gfnlabs Classifieds addon...
  15. ichpen

    Add-on Events for XF2

    I'm surprised this isn't first page material. Or maybe I'm posting in the wrong section again. We (meaning just about every forum license holder :) ) need a proper fully featured events addon. It has to offer some of the below (at least 10 at a minimum): 1. Responsive calendar view as well as...
  16. ichpen

    So who's running HA on their XF install?

    I'm thinking more of a low budget/low key somewhat High(er) Availability. Previously I was running a simple setup with 2 VMs and a load balancer provided by one of my VPS providers: CloudFlare -> LB node (Pool of 2 with failover)-> All-in-One VM 1 (lsyncd and mariadb/mysql master) replicating...
  17. ichpen

    XF 2.0 Will there be an XF 1 to XF 2 'Migration' Script?

    No I'm not talking about the straight upgrade your current forum path which I'm aware of. I'm looking to fulfill a user case where I setup a fresh / new XF 2 forum and would migrate my data from my XF 1 forum into it. Kind of like a VB/IPB migration but XF to XF. Apologies if this has been...
  18. ichpen

    Not a bug Conversation error - 1.5.12

    Hi, Using XF 1.5.12, upgraded recently from 1.5.9. PHP nginx/1.10.0 Just hit this error in the server log. Never seen it before. This is how it appears to have generated: 1. Issue Warning to member (by admin) - issue points, delete content and send PC 2. After...
  19. ichpen

    XF 1.5 RSS issues

    Well never had a need to use it until now but for some reason the following is rewritten under forum index rss. This is on XF 1.5 + xfmg 1.1. It's my staging/beta site. I don't think it's an addon or style issue as I've disabled all...
  20. ichpen

    Add-on New Classifieds Add-on - (Draft)

    In the interest of keeping things respectable I'm pinning this proposal up for discussion on a new classifieds addon for XF as a previous one appears to be abandoned. Some of the original discussions can be read in Mr Goodie's original classifieds addon (here...