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  1. Bradison

    XF 2.2 How to change Admin password?

    Hey guys. New here and can't find an answer to my question. I want to ensure that my new forum stays secure by regularly changing my Admin password. I am the site owner and only Admin. I've searched the Admin control panel from top to bottom but seem to be overlooking something. Where...
  2. Bradison

    Does XenForo come with ability to display ads?

    Hi Guys. So I haven't purchased Xenforo yet. I'm still not sure if it's right for me. I've been reading through the forum here and find myself unclear on the topic of displaying ads. I want to show Google Adsense ads. Some people here are talking about how there is a need to edit code, some...
  3. Bradison

    Can XenForo be installed on a Managed Wordpress site with no cPanel?

    Gey guys. So I'm building a new site on Managed WordPress being hosted at GoDaddy. The odd thing is, they don't provide a cPanel. So I'm really scratching my head here.. Is it possible to add XenForo to my website without the use of a cPanel??
  4. Bradison

    XenForo + WordPress + Xpress = ?

    Hey all.. I could use some clarification. I'm building a WordPress site and I want to include a XenForo forum on it. From what I've been reading here, it's possible to make them work together as one cohesive experience for my end-users.. But where I'm not totally clear is how the XenForo will...
  5. Bradison

    Media Gallery - Is It Worth it??

    Hey all. I was about to complete my purchase of XenForo and planned on adding the Media Gallery.. But then it occurred to me that encouraging my users to create albums and upload photos would likely make a serious impact on my site's bandwidth. Sure, I can tell them to embed URLs, but that can...