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  1. AndreaMarucci

    Add-on Sync users with wordpress

    Hello I'd like to have a shopping cart to sell some merchandising on my forum so I've two way 1 - buy Dragonbyte ecommerce for 199 lifetime that's too much for me 2 - use woocommerce (I'm using wordpress on my site) that's free but I need to sync the WP users with XF users. That way the users...
  2. AndreaMarucci

    Add-on Stripe checkout integration

    I'd like to know how much can cost developing a stripe checkout integration for XF.
  3. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.1 2FA for Admin access

    Hello I'd like to enable 2Fa on my forum and I've clicked the corresponding checkbox in the options but nothing happened. I'd like to be sure on what's going on to avoid being locked out. Where exactly can I set to use an external App like authenticator to gain access?
  4. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.1 Show an img in a widget only to a specific User Group

    In my forum, my members are in the registered UG and the ones who pay are also in a secondary UG. In a widget, I've some buttons that basically are links and I'd like to have one of these buttons show only to the ones who are in this secondary UG. Can someone help me telling me the code to put...
  5. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.1 Does resource manager fit or do I need another addon?

    I have this need on my forum. I have a lot of pdf with technical documentation for the user to download and I'd like to make them available via the forum. Basically the download will be restricted to a specific user group and for each pdf I'd need only a title and the download. Does Resource...
  6. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.1 Cannot enter the credit card number in stripe payment

    I've just upgraded to 2.1.4 but I've a big big problem with Stripe Payment. If a user click on BUY UPGRADE this appear and the field is not editable and I cannot enter any number. Some fields are also missing. I've checked the console and I've got this (index):1 Uncaught IntegrationError...
  7. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.1 Remove the quote button from last message

    To avoid people replying to the last message using the REPLY button (or link) in the last message, is it possible to hide that link from the last message in a thread?
  8. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.1 Addingo other form of payment

    It's possible in xenforo to add other payment method like cash payment or wire transfer?
  9. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.0, anyone?

    Hello, I've read this but since I'm not a coder I'd like to have some thought about this service from someone more skilled than me...
  10. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.0 Where to put the main adsense code

    I've got the site code from adsense <script async src="//"></script> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", enable_page_level_ads: true })...
  11. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.1 The correct procedure

    I've latest 2.x version and I'm planning to upgrade to 2.1. All the addons should works or do I've to check the compatibility before upgrading? If an addon has to be updated do I've to do that before upgrading Xenforo or after? There's something to be aware of before upgrading? Thanks!
  12. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.0 Show random images in the sidebar

    Hello, I'd like to show 3 or 4 random images in a widget in the sidebar of my forum and I think I could do that with a javascript (maybe, I'm not a coder) that read a web folder with all the subfloders and pick the images to show. Do you think that's possible? Any suggestion but to create a...
  13. AndreaMarucci

    What are the correct image dimensions

    If I've well understood, XF2 automatically resize the images uploaded based on the settings in options-> attachments. I've set them to 1024 x 1600 Since I'd like that my users can upload photos taken with their phones directly on the forum - more or less what they do when upload a picture on...
  14. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.0 editor icon

    In the help section you say so I've tried to put in the editor icon field for a Custom BBCode the name of the icon fa-map-marker-alt with no luck, and the code as f3c5 or /f3c5 with no luck The icon is this one Can you tell me what...
  15. AndreaMarucci

    Upgrade while registering

    Is there an addon or a way to make possible that a user that's registering have also to choose an upgrade package otherwise it cannot register?
  16. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.0 How to embed a google map

    Searched the forum but I've not found a solution. It seems that there's a BBCode that support google map but if I paste a Map url or an Embed url in the media add, I always get the same error "The specified URL cannot be embedded as media." so I'm asking here if someone has ever embedded a Map...
  17. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.0 Template conditionals

    I'd need some help with template conditionals since I've made some mod in a template under the postbit that show an image based on post count, but I'd need that the image is shown only in desktop and not in mobile. Searched but I've not found any reference. Can someone help me?
  18. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.0 How to style a table

    Hello, in an addon I've installed there's a table built with like this <xf:datarow rowtype="header"> <xf:cell>{{ phrase('xxxxxx') }}</xf:cell> <xf:cell>{{ phrase('xxxxxx') }}</xf:cell> <xf:cell>{{...
  19. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.0 _media_site_embed_youtube is unknown

    I've got many of these error messages suddenly ErrorException: Template error: Template public:_media_site_embed_youtube is unknown src/XF/Template/Templater.php:584 Generated by: Unknown account Nov 26, 2018 at 1:14 PM Stack trace #0 [internal function]...
  20. AndreaMarucci

    XF 2.0 Modify the register_form template

    Hello, I'd need to modify this template to include a text message at the top before the first field of the form but I've looked at the template and really don't know where to put the text. This is the template. The first field is USERNAME and I'd like to put the text before in evidence so...