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  1. Albanian

    [User Permissions] Daily Limit of Posting Threads or Posting Replies

    Hi Xenforo, It would be really nice if you guys will add a new feature for limiting certain groups or users with posting new threads and replying on new threads. Because i am suffering from a lot of spam, people are like posting every minute new reply on topics,some threads are reaching 500...
  2. Albanian

    XF 2.1 Disable posting/commenting for everyone

    Hi, I am having arround 5000/10000 spam posts a day, its not normal any more. Is there any function so i can disable for everyone the comment or post function. It is making my server so slow and its also generating a lot of errors.. Kind regads,
  3. Albanian

    XF 2.1 [Google Webmasters/Console] - Warnings blocked by robots.txt

    Hi, If i look in my Google Webmaster Console i am getting 66 warnings because there are some urls indexed by Google but blocked by robots.txt The urls are almost the same and are like :
  4. Albanian

    XF 2.1 MySQL query error 1205 while upgrading to 2.1.0 with xf:upgrade

    Hi there, I am getting the follow error while i am trying to upgrade through a ssh connection with: php cmd.php xf:upgrade. Current version: 2010010 (step 17) Upgrade target: 2010070 (2.1.0) Are you sure you want to continue with the upgrade? [y/n] y Running upgrade to 2.1.0 Alpha, step 18...
  5. Albanian

    XF 1.5 Censoring Error

    Hi Guys, Ive got a problem i am getting everytime i want to change something in the censoring options the following error: Error Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again. Ive got a lot of rules, i tried to delete couple of them but everytime i wanna save the...
  6. Albanian

    XF 1.4 Spam Phrases

    Hi Guys, I am getting a lot of spammers on my forum(-/+ 20-30 threads a day) especially from dermakin products. So ive post some rules in the Spam Phrases(options -> spam management) dermakin dermaskin When i try to create a test...