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    XF 2.2 @Media mobile Issues

    Hey ya'll, Back again, working on the same thing - mod list --> integrated into each node. So I got everything working right on most browsers and resolutions.. but now I am having issues with mobile where my moderator list seems to break the page over into the background div. I have tried...
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    New forum "reddit / media" type

    I've seen a couple ideas similar to this but wondering if this can be done, I was thinking having a node designed for memes / media only, similar to reddit but specific to one node. Possibly a forum type, similar to selecting "forum" or "forum link, or even sub with "discussions/polls/questions/...
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    XF 2.2 How to add a forum/thread/post header to container?

    Hello! This will probably be more than one code and if it's a stretch than it's ok to tell me (since I'll have to change node values too reflect the header) but I am attempting to create a label header for each category- right under the block header. I assume I am going to have to add a new div...