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    XF 2.2 Remove location from user info

    I see where I can enable and disable the different fields it shows under the user info block and I also have seen where I can use fontawesome and/or some code to change them from words to icons. However, is there just an easy way to either remove the word "location" completely or change it from...
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    XF 2.2 Do I need to update XenForo Redirects for vBulletin?

    I just finished upgrading to XF 2.2.2 and also upgraded the XF Importer addon, do I also need to update the redirect addon or is that only if I plan on importing again from VB? Just making sure the old links would still all work if I did not upgrade the redirect...
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    XF 2.1 Member List Sorting

    In researching I saw an addon that is no longer supported and then also this thread back from 2011: I tried to find that member.php and cant locate it anywhere to see if that still works. Any plans to add this to...
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    XF 2.1 Emailing users through admin

    I want to send 2 emails: 1) An email blast to all members of the forums who have visited this month. (That part looks easy, I set the criteria for visited and choose dates for this month only, done already sent!) 2) An email blast for all those who have not visited this month. (Again, I can...
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    XF 2.1 Views counter not working on certain forums / threads?

    Would there be a reason that the views would keep increasing in one thread or one forum, but in another staying the same? When I researched this, I see stuff about cron jobs, but mine is enabled, do I need to run this manually? Anything else I can do? Strange that it's not the same across the...
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    XF 2.1 Seeing who voted in a private poll

    After some searching, the closest thing I saw to a solution for this would be here: Just wondering if that code still works and if thats the best/easiest way to do it now in 2.1? There's no admin...
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    XF 2.1 Administrator permissions

    When I go to our user group permissions, why would our "Administrative / Administrator" role have nearly no privileges? They have less permissions than someone unregistered. Is that some sort of bug from our import possibly? At this point, I should put YES in every slot though correct? Thanks...
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    XF 2.1 Show user profile birthday year by default and other info

    We did our import from VB 5.5 to XF Is there an easy way to change all users to have the checkbox next to "show birth year"? We show ages on the forums in the today's Birthdays Widget and dont want to have to have each member go in and change the setting individually. Also, there was a "BIO"...
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    XF 2.1 Mobile colors?

    I changed the background color of the header / navigation in the style properties and it works fine on my PC but when I look at it on my phone, the background is still the old color. Is there another place to set styles for mobile or is there CSS I need to add? Thanks!
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    XF 2.1 Server log errors

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this question. When I log in to admin it shows me these server errors. They all seem to be the same. Anything I need to do or just clear them?
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    XF 2.1 New install 2.1.6 and importing from VB 5.5

    Hello! Just bought the license and getting ready to install / import. I asked this question in another thread and was suggested to post it here. Any advice on this or anything else before I start is appreciated! I assumed when I got to the import part that it would ask for an .sql file but in...
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    Switching from VB (currently 5.5)

    We are considering moving from VBulletin to XenForo and had a couple of questions we were hoping to get answered. We used to be on VB 3.8.7 for many years just fine and then around 12/1 we decided to upgrade to current (5.5). In order to do that we first had to upgrade to a version of 4.x which...