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    Developer to customiz the add-on

    If you have experience with xenforo 2 addon development and you are able to start right now, please send me a pm to explain what I need. Thanks
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    Hire developer to fix bug

    Hello to all I need someone to do this for me Please give me an offer to pm. Thanks
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    XF 2.1 HIde usergropu from online

    Hello, I want to do something, but I need your help. So in /online/ I want to hide (not shown) the users from specific user group (e.x moderators) I used this XF\Option\UserGroup::renderSelectMultiple to select user groups to show in online, all exclude will be hide for all (visitors and...
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    XF 2.1 Get the username from list

    Hello to all I need help. In ACP I create the list where we need to show all users with the same custom_title and username. e.x If a user with username : gaga, have title gaga. My code is $username = // what need to put here to get username from each user in list $finder =...
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    Search for transactions

    Hi to all, I would like to search for all user upgrade transactions. WHERE this information is stored (which table)? Thanks
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    XF 2.1 Help understanding buildLink()

    Hello guys I need some help with buildLink() The code above works and linked to the member profile, but I need to redirect to the member profile #about tab. Please, someone, help to understand how to build a link in xenforo 2. Thanks.
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    Hire someone to fix minor bug in my custom add-on

    If you have a time and knowledge of xenforo 2.1 custom add-on, please contact me on pm. Thanks.
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    XF 2.1 Set id from username

    Hello i build simple custom add-on but i have a problem In my add-on i need to invite users. I use standard autocomplete but i need from choosed username get just user_id and write to my addon db table Thanks for helping
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    XF 2.1 buildLink help to create own link

    Hi i use this to create link: \XF::app()->router('public')->buildLink('canonical:review', $review->id, ['id' =>$review->id]), and my url look like this: But i want to look like this: Or like this:
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    XF 2.1 Get notification on external site

    Hi i have one idea, but i need your help. I have forum and php landing page on same server, i need to show notification and new message on site. When logged user get notification or new message Except in visitor panel, show in site. On site when click on new message/notification redirect to...
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    XF 2.1 Get part of data from user_field

    Hi to all i need sugesstion how to do this: In custom user field fill text like anycode/anothertext In datatable user_filed write same text, but in user profile show separately anothertext and anycode in two differents place e.x: Thanks to all. Ps two rows data must be written in one field
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    XF 2.1 get full image attacment

    Hi I need to get image in full size in xenforo 2 template. I find this thumbnail_url bit that give small image, i want to get full. What template conditionals to use for that? Thanks
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    foreach help to understanding

    Hello, I want a little help explain to me what went wrong. I want to load data from external json file. My template is <xen:foreach loop="$news" value="$new"> <li> <span class="title">{$new.title}</span> <span class="subtitle">{$new.stitle}</span>...
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    XF 1.5 Imrort thread and posts help.

    I need to import thread and post from custom mysql base to xenforo database. can you help me how to do this? Thanks to all.
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    XF 1.5 The requested forum could not be found after import table

    Hi to all, i have a problem with links of my forums. i have CSV file xf_node with more then 150 forums in 10 categories. After successful import file all links give me The requested forum could not be found. Where is the problem?
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    get data from xml api

    Hi to all, I have one question. In my case i need to make variable who reads from external xml file. I want to read from btw I have acp option (default set up) I learn php programming and i realy need help with ex. to understand this...
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    Why not get answers?

    Why does anybody not want to match my questions? Or maybe I have a little posts so they do not display to all members?
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    New contens on tab

    Hi to all, I need help to separate content on two tabs. Soo... This is my structure. New tab on navigation Custom Tab - this work great When click on Custom tab open new page with url: index.php?tralala In this page i need content in 2 tabs. This is template custom_tab: <ul class="tabs...
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    XF 1.5 Breadcrumbs on ap for new add-on

    Hi to all i need help. How to add Breadcrumbs on my add-on page. admin.php?news and this is in Applications category. I want to stay Applications active and in breadcrumb show Applications > my add-on title Thank you
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    user fields preference & change css

    Hi to all, I need help about change page width with user fields preference. I had created new fields in preference. checkbox. I want to hide banner when field is checked and change page width. Hide banner is done with template modification and below code <xen:if...