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  1. Steffen

    Firefox: Middle-click on Image opens tab in background instead of foreground

    Take for example this image: When you middle-click it, Chrome opens a new foreground tab. Firefox opens a new background tab instead. The issue also exists with small images which are not wrapped in an anchor element by XenForo: The default behavior of both Chrome and Firefox for un-linked...
  2. Steffen

    Won't fix Select-to-quote menu can be hidden underneath mobile browser's text selection toolbar

    When the selection starts at the very top then Chrome and Firefox (probably other Android browser, too, haven't tested iOS) show their toolbar below the selection and not above. The select-to-quote menu is then hidden underneath this toolbar. This is not a big issue I guess because the user...
  3. Steffen

    Fixed Fix layout shifts caused by images, especially noticeable due to lazy loading in XenForo 2.2 (patch included)

    Modern browsers automatically infer the aspect ratio of images from their width and height attributes ( This prevents layout shifts when images load which is especially noticeable in XenForo 2.2 due to the...
  4. Steffen

    Not a bug Reply notification missing if new reply is posted between pageload and "Watch" click

    Consider the following scenario / order of events: Alice opens the last page of a thread (and starts reading). Meanwhile, Bob posts a new reply to this thread. Alice clicks the "Watch" button of this thread. This leads to the following situation: The thread watch didn't exist when Bob posted...
  5. Steffen

    Token input (e.g. conversation username) color overridden by user agent stylesheet

    Token input elements (used for example when adding users to a conversation): The "input" CSS class is not added directly to the input element generated by Select2 but to a container element. This causes the user-agent stylesheet (e.g. input { color: -internal-light-dark(black, white); } in...
  6. Steffen

    Please don't immediately disable accounts when a hard bounce arrives

    Automatically disabling a user account when a hard bounce arrives sounds good in theory but fails in practice. I just had to manually re-enable several dozen accounts that were affected by Gmail's ****-up. I remember having done this for other providers, too. Background info...
  7. Steffen

    Windows: Pressing "delete" key with quote text selected removes quote itself

    This issue only exists on Windows, not on Linux and not on macOS: Starting with a quote in the WYSIWYG editor, select all contents of the quote. Now delete the selected text (by pressing the delete key or the backspace key). What I would have expected to happen is that the quoted text is removed...
  8. Steffen

    Fixed Line breaks in [ICODE] are doubled / rendered twice

    One of our users has the following signature (but the issue exists in regular messages, too): #MGS .solid_snake { transform-box: view-box; visibility: hidden; } Since upgrading to XenForo 2.2, the line breaks are rendered twice as can be seen here: #MGS .solid_snake { transform-box...
  9. Steffen

    Fixed Cannot open images embedded via [ATTACH type="full"] in new browser tab

    Images embedded in a forum post can always be enlarged by clicking them. However, opening them in a new tab (middle click or context menu entry "Open link in new tab") is only possible if the ATTACH bbcode doesn't use type="full". : Cannot open in new tab. : Cannot open in new tab (although...
  10. Steffen

    Fixed Moderator log: Content URL of "post move" entries points to the current thread instead of source/target post

    Moving a post to another thread creates an entry "Posts from thread moved to {title}" ("mod_log.thread_post_move_source") in the moderator log of the source thread. But the "View" link of such an entry does not point to the target post (in its new thread) but to the source thread. So clicking...
  11. Steffen

    Fixed User state "email_bounce": Cannot confirm email address without changing it

    XenForo's bounce handler automatically disables accounts whose email has delivery problems. This is cool. Usually this means that the user should enter a different email address because his old address doesn't exist anymore. But sometimes the errors leading to a disabled account were temporary...
  12. Steffen

    Fixed Microsoft Edge needs the Android workaround for quote selections, too

    This issue was fixed for Android some time ago: According to one of our users, it seems like Microsoft Edge on touch devices ("Surface Pro 6, Windows 10 Pro...
  13. Steffen

    Browser issue Firefox for Android: Scrolls too far when clicking first line of editor

    This is probably somehow related to the following resolved bug but not exactly the same (only Firefox seems to be affected and other details may vary): Editor contents scrolled out of sight when focusing editor with lots of text. How to reproduce: Use Firefox for Android 68 or Firefox for...
  14. Steffen

    Duplicate Firefox for Android: Cannot paste link using the WYSIWYG editor

    In Firefox for Android, the "Insert link" dialog is auto-closed when pasting a link into its "URL" input field. See the attached video.
  15. Steffen

    Lack of interest Flash messages obstruct the page header, make a click hide them?

    The flash messages (e.g. "Your changes have been saved.") can obstruct the whole header or parts of the header while they are shown. Most of them are displayed for 3000 ms (this value seems to be hard-coded in multiple places). This can be annoying for power-users (example for such feedback)...
  16. Steffen

    Future fix Mention autocomplete doesn't work in some cases where the username contains an '@' character

    Consider the username M@tze. You can mention him in a post by typing @M@tze. This works fine. But the autocomplete doesn't work: No suggestions are shown after you type an @ character followed by the first two characters: @M@. The problem seems to be that XenForo only looks at the part of the...
  17. Steffen

    Lack of interest Don't hide post by ignored user completely if it's the first post in a thread

    If you stumble upon a thread created by an ignored user then there is very little indication (the "#2" in the upper right corner) that what you are looking at is actually not the first post of the thread. This can be confusing. I think this could be improved by showing a message skeleton similar...
  18. Steffen

    Touch targets of checkboxes on "watched threads" page are too small

    The touch targets of the checkboxes on the page Watched threads have a size of 12x16 pixels. One of our users says that they are too easy to miss, especially if you want to select many of them in rapid succession...
  19. Steffen

    Fixed Firefox: Editor applies formatting not only to selected paragraph

    In Firefox, under certain circumstances the editor applies bold formatting not only to the selected paragraph but also to the following paragraphs. The attached video shows a reduced test-case. Tested in Firefox 68 on Windows and Linux. This could be a regression in XenForo 2.1.3 / Froala 2.9.6.
  20. Steffen

    Don't break links: When merging threads, "Do not leave a redirect" should still create an invisible redirect

    When merging threads, the option "Do not leave a redirect" (which is checked by default) should still create an invisible redirect. Otherwise, the URLs of those threads that were merged into the other thread stop working (which isn't good for UX and SEO): "The requested thread could not be...