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  1. Sean Engle

    XF 2.2 Forums Quick Reply Preview Button

    A user brought me an issue tonight - the forums quick response preview button does not seem to do anything. The rest of the window dims when you hit it, but nothing else (I think they would expect another window to open showing what the thread will look like posted). Is there something I...
  2. Sean Engle

    XF 2.2 File health check results: composer.json

    Just updated to 2.2.0.... I used FileZilla - in binary - and am now getting warnings from the system that this file: src/vendor/web-token/jwt-signature-algorithm-eddsa/composer.json ** DISREGARD - this is the test site and I think I know what the issues is. I will do some updates there and...
  3. Sean Engle

    XF 2.2 Help: Update Worked on Test Site but Live Site Now Not Visible

    I need some assistance/input from anyone reading this. Yesterday I did the date to version 2.2.0 from 2.1.11 on our Test Site without any issue whatsoever. Encouraged, I just ran it against the Live Site and it completed successfully but is now not showing any graphics at all (below)..... I...
  4. Sean Engle

    XF 2.2 Nodes as Tabs Submenu

    I'm sorry to ask this, as this is going to be a really basic question. I migrated our site in February, and set up our 'site pages' with the privacy statement, etc as a sub-menu off the Home tab. I recall at the time I decided to make the drop down menu and the page title appear in the...
  5. Sean Engle

    XF 2.1 Adding Text to Registration Form

    Hi - This is going to sound pretty elementary - but I need to add some text to the registration form - at the Location field - telling folks they HAVE to put in their location or I'll bounce their application. Typically I would have just added some text somewhere in the Registration Form...
  6. Sean Engle

    MG 2.1 Control Image Size

    We just migrated to xF 2.1.6 with MG2.1x and I have an issue - some of our users are posting these huge images of their sailboats - like 4000px by 2500px which are large (3.5mb) and take forever to drop. I saw someone here mention auto resizing of images but cannot locate it anywhere in the...
  7. Sean Engle

    XF 2.1 New Posts Widget - with some text of post

    You probably get this one frequently, but I could not find it by searching: We migrated over from vB4.25, and we had new posts side bar on our front page - that had the latest posts - with a small amount of text from each of them. It seems like the new posts widget in xF has only the meta data...
  8. Sean Engle

    Change/remove date in Resource Item Description

    Hi - I just migrated am setting things up. One thing I would like to change is the description field of the Resource Manager items list - where it shows the date uploaded in huge font immediately after the resource description: I find this information really redundant and it clutters up...
  9. Sean Engle

    XF 2.1 Post Migration vB 4.2.5 to xF 2.1.6 : User Title Ladder Failure

    Hello - We just completed the initial migration from vB to xF and am still cleaning up. One issue I've discovered are the user titles and their User Title Ladder. When I made changes to the initial settings and hit save, nothing happens. Could you advise what the proper procedure is of...
  10. Sean Engle

    XF 2.1 Import vB4.25 to xF2.1.4?

    Hi Guys - I am in the process of migrating over our vB4.25 installation to xF2.1.4 -- and would like to confirm that it is a viable import path as I just read in the xF2.0 manual that would need to do the import at xF1.5 and then upgrade rather than do a straight import (as the manual appears...
  11. Sean Engle

    MG 1.1 xF Media Import - Split Albums

    So I'm in the middle of testing for a upcoming migration and have been working on importing our vB4 albums into the Media Add-on that I purchased. One issue I'm having is that the import split up all the vB4 albums - so that each image is now it's own album (no album has multiple images in it...
  12. Sean Engle

    MG 1.1 Media Gallery Import from vB4?

    Hello - I'm in the middle of testing, and have imported our user galleries from vB4 along with all the other stuff, and was wondering what to do with them now. Is there a resource that outlines how to take the galleries (which are now threads) and import them into MG? Thanks, //sse