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  1. YoFuzzy3

    XF 1.1 Odd bug with User Name CSS

    I'm experiencing this very odd bug with User Name CSS. Basically it seems like one of my user group's User Name CSS is being skipped under some circumstances. I have the following groups, in order from highest to lowest: Server Owner, CSS - color: #aa00aa; Website Admin, CSS - color: #00aa00...
  2. YoFuzzy3

    Add this overlay?

    On this website there is a text overlay in the right of the header, how would I add that to my website?
  3. YoFuzzy3

    XF 1.1 Server error

    All of a sudden I'm getting these server errors and I have no idea what's causing them. Help would be greately appreciated. Edit: Apparently this error means the disk is out of space. But the /tmp directory is only 3MB, and I have plently of disk space left. So why is this error hapenning and...