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  1. Dennis Olson

    I need to allow the members to donate to my forum via PayPal - how?

    I have the need to allow members to donate to a PayPal account to support the annual ISP fees for my forum. I thought this was possible, but I don't know how to set it up or turn it on. I DON'T want to have them "pay for extra content" or something like that. Everyone always gets full access. I...
  2. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 Need to assign rank insignia by "message count" rather than User Group

    I have a need to assign rank insignia my message count (similar to the Title Ladder) rather than User Group. I have created the correct CSS code in extra.less, and this code works for the Administrator usergroup. I need to allow different rank insignia for different message counts, as they...
  3. Dennis Olson

    I need a server/XenForo configuration expert please

    I have a need for a server/XenForo configuration expert. A serious expert. I own a Dell R730 server, fully-stuffed with 512 gigs of RAM, 1.2 TB of SSD drive space, dual 12-core CPUs. We're running XF2.1.6 under nginx, using MariaDB, with FastCGI Caching enabled. (We used to have everything in...
  4. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 Custom text question

    On my old board software, I'd defined several "custom text" items. For example, if a user typed :tm:, a superscripted trademark symbol would be inserted. Is there a way to define things like that in XF? And if so, where? Thanks!!
  5. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 Cannot delete media files

    I have the Media Manager plugin. Users are unable to delete media from their private folders, but can from the public folders. What permissions am I overlooking? Thanks!
  6. Dennis Olson

    Other I need a server configuration guru who's expert at VM-based servers

    I'm running XF2.1 on a fully stuffed Dell R730 server. It has 24 cores and 512 gigs of ram. It's running dual webservers, a load balancer and a database server as VMs, configured via ProxMox. My Admin is very competent, but has been unable to successfully tune this server to handle a significant...
  7. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 Want to add new field to User's profile, visible ONLY to Admins in the AdminCP - how?

    I want to add a custom field to the User's profile, "Administrator Comments (varchar(255) would be fine.) This field should ONLY be visible and usable by Admins in the AdminCP when we pull up a user record. That field is very useful. I had it as an add-on in vBulletin 4x.
  8. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 "Like" emojis - where can I get more?

    As you all know, there are several emojis available for when you want to Like a post. These are slightly oversized (36 px IIRC). I'd like to know where I can find some more of these, and add them to the list. I know I'd have to push them to the directory first, but I don't know where to source...
  9. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 Advertisements not appearing - help please?

    Hi I have several advertising banner ads that I'm trying to add just below the top breadcrumb bar. Fine. Here's the code I'm trying to use: <a href=""><img src=""></a> It's not displaying anything at all. Can...
  10. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 How to NOT show "Staff Member" title

    Under the username for staff, how can I NOT show the "Staff Member" title? Thanks!
  11. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 Rank insignia - space not wide enough

    I have a rank insignia bage that's 121px x 34 px (see below). I've created a css class for it (see below) in extra.less. However, it appears that the "slot" (wrong word but it'll have to do for now) in which the badge would go is too short to accommodate it. How can I widen it? (I only get about...
  12. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 How to tell if a specific member is Banned?

    I need to know how to tell if a specific member is banned. In the old vB software, looking at their master account record would let me know. But here, it doesn't. What am I missing? TIA
  13. Dennis Olson

    Mark all conversations as read

    There needs to be a way to mark all conversations as read. Further, there, needs to be a way to export conversations to my local PC (like vBulletin did) and clear my conversations back to zero. Please advise. Thanks!
  14. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 How to import smilies as a group

    I have a directory from my old software where all the smilies live. Is there a way to "source" the smilies by that directory by default, in order to facilitate importing them? Or do I have to add them in entirely manually, one at a time? What I mean is, can I tell the software that "here is my...
  15. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 I want to add stuff in the header - how?

    I have a bunch of stuff that I want to add above everything. A main graphic, text and hotlinks. All in html format. I assume I can do this.nwhere do I put it? thanks!
  16. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 Individual prefix colors?

    I have defined prefix sets, one for each forum room/node. I need to be able to set the color of individual prefixes in a prefix set. How can I do that?
  17. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 Need a horizontal strip between sticky and regular threads

    I need to have a strip/break between my sticky and normal threads. Ideally, I should be able to change its fill color. Does something like that exist?
  18. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 Unfurled data questions

    So (new user so please be gentle - heh). Members are posting articles that unfurl. I have some questions: - Is the content in unfurled posts searchable? - Does the unfurled content ever go away? - If the answer to the above is YES, is there a way to keep the content permanently? - Am I right...
  19. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 Is there a "full member list"?

    New installation. Members asking if there exists a way to view all members alphabetically.
  20. Dennis Olson

    XF 2.1 Turn off signatures in posts?

    I need to know if there's a way to make member signature inclusion on posts optional. If so, how is that done? We just went live this morning and this is important.