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  1. NealC

    Feedback: Profile posts really confuse people

    It is interesting to check new profile posts as it's not something I typically monitor as the admin, probably should, but it's interesting to see how confused community members are with this. They think they are posting to the community (forum) when in fact they are just posting to their own...
  2. NealC

    Add permission in user groups to control whether this group can be ignored

    We do not use that as it just adds clutter to the left side.
  3. NealC

    Add permission in user groups to control whether this group can be ignored

    The suggestion is related to the ignore feature in profiles. Administrators for example should not have the option to be ignored. With that said I can see permission control by user group as to whether the ignore button shows, and for prior version compatibility is whether or not the member can...
  4. NealC

    Refine name of Conversations so people know they are Private

    I send SWAG to my paid forum supporters. In the process I ask them via conversation for their address. Several times in recent months I'm asked if this is private and then if so I'll get their address. There seems to be a perception that "Conversations" are not private such as called "Private...
  5. NealC

    Minimum thread title length

    I'm not sure there is a current setting but I just had someone on my board enter a period "." for their thread title. I obviously don't want this nonsense. How can I prevent this and if not then please enhance the options for this use case.
  6. NealC

    Shades of Grey

    Using shades of grey 2.2. Users reporting that selecting text in an editor does not show the highlight, i.e. selection. Any suggestions for a CSS tweak?
  7. NealC

    Implemented Landing page after Add-on is installed

    I'm not an add-on developer but I use several add-ons. It would be nice after installing an add-on if I'm immediately navigated to the options for the add-on. Instead I install the add-on, see that it installed successfully, click setup, click options. click the add-on just installed in order to...
  8. NealC

    Add "Start Conversation" under Actions button for user profile view

    I'm reviewing a new user and I want to start a conversation with them about their signup information. It would be nice from the user profile area under the Actions drop down button to have a "Start Conversation" action.
  9. NealC

    Fixed @ Mention shows &amp ; when a user has & in the username

    I have some users that use & in their username. For example "Xen&foro" so when you go to @ mention someone the suggestion tip shows "&amp ;"
  10. NealC

    As designed Can't use @ mention with a username such as 10 FAN

    April 2020, not an active user, hoping the @ mention would notify him and bring him back.
  11. NealC

    As designed Can't use @ mention with a username such as 10 FAN

    I have a user on my forum with the username "10 Fan". When trying to do an @ mention of their username it doesn't come up in the list.
  12. NealC

    Improve search by allowing a member name to be entered and profile returned

    I'd like to see the search feature on the top right enhanced so I can input a member name, click search and it would return the profile for that member as a search result. Search can go beyond threads, etc. and find other meta of the site.
  13. NealC

    When starting a new conversation show other conversations to the same user in a list below

    Just like in some email clients or when creating a new thread in XF and you get the related threads list at the bottom, it would be neat when starting a new conversation with someone that it showed related conversations to the same person below. I wouldn't want to have a conversation with...
  14. NealC

    Weekly newsletter [Paid]

    I looked at that and didn't see the option for users to opt-in to what they want emails on.
  15. NealC

    Weekly newsletter [Paid]

    My customers have asked me for the digest functionality of vBulletin, whatever that did as I never used it.
  16. NealC

    Weekly newsletter [Paid]

    I'm not sure how this works but my users want the ability to opt in to forums they want updates on. They don't care about Brand Z when they are only interested in posts on their brand, Brand X.
  17. NealC

    Shades of Grey

    Great work and greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  18. NealC

    Shades of Grey

    I appreciate it but I think this problem would occur in long quoted info or similar situations with content needing scrollbars within a message. Also of note, I'm not sure if you can put your style info in something other than the extra.less. I have other changes in extra.less and when I import...
  19. NealC

    Shades of Grey

    Latest versions of both XF and styles (2.2)