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  1. btmgreg

    XF 2.2 I've Made A Mess!

    Desperately need some help from you guys (and gals) I've moved my forum directory (which was /discussion) to root. I've followed Brogans guide. Some things seem okay, others not - If I visit - it will change it to -I would like to retain the forum URL...
  2. btmgreg

    XF 2.2 Issues with email

    I've recently upgraded to the latest and greatest version of XF. Not sure what has changed, but I'm getting the following errors in regards to emails. (I haven't changed any of the settings) ++ Starting Swift_SmtpTransport << ESMTP Exim 4.93 #2 Wed, 23 Dec 2020...
  3. btmgreg

    XF 2.2 Twitter Widget

    Hi guys, I'm trying to achieve the following - A widget that literally just displays the follower count for my twitter handle. I've found the following code, but no idea where to call the .PHP file in order to display this. <?php $twitterid = "globinch"; $stringVal=""...
  4. btmgreg

    XF 2.2 PWA Background Image

    Is it possible to set a background image for the PWA initial start up? It's supposed to be the same colour as my forum, and my forum has a tiled background image. Any tips? Thanks guys.
  5. btmgreg

    XF 2.2 User Field Choice Image

    Basically, I'm trying to apply the choice from a specific user field. Any ideas?
  6. btmgreg

    XF 2.2 Lightbox On External Images

    Hi all, Has anyone ever managed to use the core xf lightbox on external/linked images? Looking to be able to add an image to a thread (not using the attachment system) and when clicking on it, having it open up in a lightbox. I'm using the addon made by Ozzy for Movies, and the poster is quite...
  7. btmgreg

    Add Quick Thread to Article View

    I've got an article node (displaying article view) on my home page, and I notice that the only way to add new posts is by clicking on 'Post Thread', as quick thread doesn't appear to be included with article view. Why is this? It would be great to add this, again. Or have the option. Thank...
  8. btmgreg

    Article View on Search Forums

    As per this suggestion Is anyone currently working on this addon? Muchly wanted! Thank you.
  9. btmgreg

    Article Preview Set up Front Page

    I'd like some advise on how best to set the following up - I'd like to use the article Preview view on threads (converted) on a particular node, and display that on my home page. Currently, I have the home tab linked to the node which displays it fine. But it seems majorly out of place when...
  10. btmgreg

    Fixed Spacing for like/quote/reply buttons

    Not sure if this has already been reported. The spacing between the 'Reply' icon, and the 'Reply' text is off. I've highlighted it with my cursor, which is why it's blue. Apologies, just my OCD-self - it's bugging me! :P
  11. btmgreg

    Not a bug Editor Broken on OnePlus

    No matter what I try to insert from the editor - it doesn't work. I've tried emojis, gifs, tables, photos - all of it. The only thing that will work is text.
  12. btmgreg

    Thread Showing No Updates

    I have a thread that updates via an rss feed so it updates quite regularly. Is there an addon that will keep the thread as a sticky, but not show in the most recent posts? Thank you
  13. btmgreg

    XF 2.1 Make sense of error

    Hi guys, can anyone make sense of this error?