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  1. MJ0730

    XF 2.2 Initial user name change

    Maybe I'm missing an option somewhere, but as of now it seems like a new user registration counts as a name change for the minimum time between name changes. EX: minimum time between changes is 60 days. New user registers with social media w/ real name, and goes to change it, but is unable...
  2. MJ0730

    Help translating to php

    Would anyone be so kind as to convert the following js to php? I use the script and wrap text with a class to use this, but I'd like to use the proper bbcode functionality. TIA function memeify(str, base = 3){ //str is the string to memeify, base is the number we use to randomly change the...
  3. MJ0730

    Duplicate Allow file size/image dimension overrides by permission

    Currently there is a catch-all option to limit file size, attachment number, image dimensions. I'd like an option to set or override these with the permission systems. For example, moderators not having a limit on the amount of files they can attach, or being able to post full size images.
  4. MJ0730

    Permissions for creating resources and being added to resource team

    When trying to add a user to a resource team, if they don't have permission to create new resources, they can't be added as a team member. I think the expected behavior should be anyone is allowed to be added as a team member. This would be the same behavior as is currently allowed when...
  5. MJ0730

    As designed Resource team permissions

    Not sure if this falls under bug or feature request but... When trying to add a user to a resource team, if they don't have permission to create new resources, they can't be added as a team member. I think the expected behavior should be anyone is allowed to be added as a team member...
  6. MJ0730

    Lack of interest Add attributes to Link forum

    Would like the ability to add attributes to the link forum nodes: related, target, etc.
  7. MJ0730

    Default Icons

    I'd like to be able to set default icons for RM. Several benefits to this, including not having multiple copies of the same image for clients to download. Permissions could also be implemented similar to allow/require use of default icons, individual upload, or both/either on a per category...
  8. MJ0730

    Elasticsearch indexing error

    Started getting this error a day ago for any new posts. Looks like nothing new is being indexed. XFES\Elasticsearch\RequestException: Elasticsearch indexing error (queued): Unknown error (HTTP code: 429) src/addons/XFES/Elasticsearch/Api.php:409 Generated by: bigfooten28 Apr 24, 2019 at...
  9. MJ0730

    Fixed BB code editor - Buttons not displying properly in menu bar

    Some of the buttons in the menu bar are not showing up. Everything to the right of the media insert (on default settings), so alignment, lists, etc... New posts correctly display, but when trying to edit a post, it is missing the buttons. I've tried resetting to default with no luck.
  10. MJ0730

    Lack of interest Moderator Warnings addition

    Currently when issuing a warning the only options for the content are to do nothing, soft delete, or leave the post intact with the warning visible. I’d like an option that leaves the post and warning visible, but modified the post content, either through predefined or custom changes (just like...
  11. MJ0730

    XF 2.0 js anchor adjustment

    Trying to adjust the page to offset a fixed header. function offsetAnchor() { if (location.hash.length !== 0) { window.scrollTo(window.scrollX, window.scrollY - 40); } } $(document).on('click', 'a[href^="#"]', function(event) { window.setTimeout(function() { offsetAnchor(); }...
  12. MJ0730

    XF 2.0 Gradients using the xf palette variables

    Is it possible to use the color variables to construct a gradient? I get an error just trying to plug in the @xfcolor Less_Exception_Compiler: error evaluating function `rgba` color functions take numbers as parameters yes i know the @xf isnt rgba
  13. MJ0730

    Fixed Spam filter not filtering

    Listing this as a bug report because this thread says the spam filter checks against titles. I have these in spam phrases: /^https?:\/\/\S+\n/si http* https* Posts are getting through with titles like every day. I don't see anything in the logs to indicate that...
  14. MJ0730

    Lack of interest Node/Page organization in ACP

    I'd like if there were more options for filtering/organizing nodes. It gets unruly when there are a lot of pages/nodes. Any sort of additional organization would be helpful. EX: an option for the filter to display a node and its sub-nodes instead of just the node it matches, collapsible...
  15. MJ0730

    XF 2.0 Template syntax documentation

    Does it exist anywhere?
  16. MJ0730

    XF 1.5 Lightbox in a page node not displaying user info or thumbnails

    As the title says, my lightboxes in page nodes aren't displaying properly. Is there a way to fix this, or will it only work in posts?
  17. MJ0730

    XF 1.5 Modifying sibling node navigation

    I'm trying to create a small nav bar that only shows the previous/next node, instead of the entire sibling list. <div id="nextPage" class="newclass"> <div class="anotherclass"> <ol class="siblingNodes"> <xen:foreach loop="$siblingNodes" value="$node"> <li...
  18. MJ0730

    XF 1.5 "Share this Page" styling

    Anyone know where I can find the css for the Share this Page? Trying to target the text after the facebook button and not having any luck.
  19. MJ0730

    Modifying database

    I'm trying to update a file path contained in a large number of resources. I updated the xf_resource_field_value table, and the correct file path is shown in the database table, but in the actual xenforo resource it still shows the old file path. Do I need to update it somewhere else as well?
  20. MJ0730

    RM 1.2 PHP in RM

    Is there a way to get php into a resource, like page nodes?