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  1. Vicki

    XF 1.4 How to get back the default style?

    I accidentally modified the default style that comes with Xenforo. Now I am wondering how I can get back the original default style?
  2. Vicki

    Lack of interest An OPTION to have images displayed on top of resource description area

    I'd like to suggest RM add an OPTION to allow admins configure the images to be displayed(a small gallery format) on top of the description area, with the custom fields standing by the image display's left side. This will be useful to resource categories having stronger visual components. A...
  3. Vicki

    Show/Collapse sub-categories as default setting etc.

    I'd like to suggest RM to add the following functionalities : 1. allow admins to configure whether to show all the sub-categories in each category as default setting, and also display some indication about a category having sub-categories by giving a plus sign(with a circle or square around...
  4. Vicki

    Not planned Show category name in Custom Resource Fields listing

    It would be more convenient if you've got some custom resource fields configured, then in ACP>Applications>Resource Fields, admins could see which Resource Category each custom field belongs to. Thanks!
  5. Vicki

    Lack of interest Allow to configure a default time period for a resource to display in RM

    I'd like to suggest add an OPTION in RM: Allow admins to configure a default time period for resources(per category) get displayed in RM. So basically, after that time period, e.g., X days, the resource will not show again. This helps to manage those time sensitive resources, e.g., classified...
  6. Vicki

    Duplicate Add a "Watch Category" button at each Resource Category page

    I'd like to suggest to add a 'Watch Category' button at each Resource Category page, with two options: 1. receive an alert only when a new Resource being added to the Category; 2. receive an alert when either a new Resource being added to the Category or a Resource update occurred in the...
  7. Vicki

    Duplicate Allow to use thumbnail of each resource's image in Resources listing

    I'd like to suggest RM adds an OPTION for admins to configure: Instead of using each resource contributor's avatar in the Resources listing page, allow to use a thumbnail of each resource's attached image to show up in Resources listing. If multiple images attached for a resource, allow user...
  8. Vicki

    XF 1.2 default style

    Wondering how to get the XF default style back? (I must have removed it by mistake after installing some new skin) Thanks!
  9. Vicki

    XF 1.1 How to add a conditional to User Titles

    I'd like to give our site users' a little unique user titles based on their gender. I'm wondering if anyone could give some advice about how to implement it. I guess some template edits shall take care of it ... Say, I'd like to do it based on the default XF Trophy User Titles. The defaults...
  10. Vicki

    How to make a background image on cover page responsive?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to make a cover page for our website(a closed community). I'd like to insert a background image for this cover page. How to make the background image shown as responsive - to cover entire background of the page all the time? Can this be easily done? Thanks!
  11. Vicki

    What's the reason asking for date of birth?

    Hi, I'd like to get some ideas from you guys about it. As I'd like to make a note about the reason under the 'Date of Birth' field - make users feel a little less offensive.
  12. Vicki

    auto assign users to usergroups upon registration

    Hi, I'd like our site be able to assign each new registrant, based on a custom field value the user chooses, to a specific usergroup as soon as the new registrant completed his or her email confirmation. So if the user chooses value 'A' for that custom field, this user will have to be...
  13. Vicki

    how to move userbar to top

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how to move the userbar from its default position(on navbar) to the top(moderator bar)? ... Something accomplished like below: When the add-ons list is long, the major navbar items would collide with those on the userbar, so I'd like to learn to be able to move...
  14. Vicki

    Upload Videos

    I'd like to see Resource Manager allows users to upload self created videos as resource content; usergroup based (allow or not allow, storage quotas etc.). Uploaded videos will be viewable in RM with good player interface built in.
  15. Vicki

    Lack of interest Force entering twice password when resetting it in ACP

    I noticed as admin you could reset password for any user(including for admin) in ACP, but you only need to enter the new password once before you can save it. I think it should ask for confirmation of the new password(enter the second time and see whether the two entered match), because people...
  16. Vicki

    Do I need to start with the default style?

    I've done a couple of styles on our testing site. Since I am not sure whether inheriting from Default Style would have any side effects later, so I've chosen NOT to pick a parent style, and I noticed it seemed always giving me the default style(before I make changes) anyway. Would that cause...
  17. Vicki

    Lack of interest Usergroup Managerment Tools

    Is it possible to have some usergroup management tools built into the core of xenforo in the coming releases? In the current version of xenforo, if you'd like to see the members list of each user group, you need to click on each user's username under Admin CP > Users > List All Users to find out...
  18. Vicki

    A couple minor color changes in style

    Bought xenForo license not long ago, I've been playing with the Color Palette and Style Properties in the past few days. I couldn't find a way to change the navigation tab(in the header) links colors when they are in hover state as shown below(parts circled in red, note that they are not in...
  19. Vicki

    Listing sub-forums on the forum list page

    Hi, Anyone knows with current version of xenForo, how to quickly change the sub-forums drop-down list style to plain listing in multiple columns under each main forums, something like the below example? Thanks!
  20. Vicki

    The server did not respond in time. Please try again.

    Hi, I am quite new to xenForo. Hopefully someone could help me out with this... Today I tried to create a new forum under root node (only specified a title for the new forum, and left everything else as default), but whenever I hit the "Save Forum" button, I would get the following error...