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  1. dondomainer

    Coinbase Commerce Integration [Paid]

    It is possible receive donations Do you have something for donations with cryptocurrencies?
  2. dondomainer

    XF 2.1 How add a subtitle on Home page only ( Myweb - Subtitle )

    How add a subtitle on Home page only, like Myweb - Subtitle I try with this, but not work. <xf:if is="$template == 'page_container'"> <title><xf:title formatter="%s | %s" fallback="{$xf.options.boardTitle}" page="{$pageNumber}" /> - Subtitle <xf:else /> <title><xf:title...
  3. dondomainer

    XF 2.1 Subtitle on index page XF2

    I am trying to add a subtitle on index // like Mystie - my subtitle. on the template, page container. <title><xf:title formatter="%s | %s" fallback="{$xf.options.boardTitle}" page="{$pageNumber}" /></title> i try with this conditional <xf:if is="$template == 'page_container'"> My...
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    XF 2.1 How place custom field below title on text editor ?

    have located the template containing the text editor ( name : editor ) but I'm not able to locate the code snippet that belongs to custom field. <xf:css src="editor.less" /> <xf:if is="$fullEditorJs"> <xf:js src="vendor/froala/froala-compiled.full.js, xf/editor.js" /> <xf:else />...
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    XF 2.1 Which is the template text editor template ?

    I mean, text editor template... In admin, admin.php?styles/default-style.1/templates&type=public Thanks for you reply.
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    XF 2.1 Which is the template text editor template ?

    Hi,.anyone know where the text editor is located ?? Best regards.
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    Add-on XPress and double title solution ?

    How solve the double title problem on xpress ? E.g of same title Here is the post.. and here the comment on forum
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    Signup abuse detection and blocking [Paid]

    @Xon The user receives notification of multiple accounts and the option to delete one of them while its accounts are blocked?
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    [tl] Social Groups [Paid]

    @truonglv Question : Is possible to get the group and forum on search results together ?
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    Open MP3 [Paid]

    what you mens, play mp3 on post?
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    XF 2.1 How get category page ?

    I set, Clickable nodes , but don't give me any pages, only forum/#category.1/ How to make that when you click on "category" you get a pages ? best regards
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    This is a test, on XF profile post

    This is a test, on XF profile post
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    You are looking for a xenforo hosting, try this one

    After a few tests and unhappy moments, I discovered that i can host my xenforo hosting on this wp hosting service (Starting at $ 25 per month) Pros. 1 - It is cheap 2 - 5 star Help support 3 - Free CDN 4 - Free SSL 5 - You can use you domain for email, but with SMTP...
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    XF 2.1 How avoid 404 on routes?

    Several reason 1 - what means for you... - the place to see what?...should be, /forums/announcements/title/ even /forums/threads/title being threads a page like /whats-new/ 2 - You are paying to host more empty pages than content ...( no sense ) 3 -...
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    XF 2.1 How avoid 404 on routes?

    You can not redirect that....if you do, you lose or pages, or post.
  16. dondomainer

    XF 2.1 How avoid 404 on routes?

    check this and all other post..this is the URL for this post /community/threads/how-avoid-404-on-routes.175750/ now visit /community/threads/ there is nothing, the same with the pages, so in the end you have more error pages than post and pages together.
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    Social Groups for XenForo [Paid]

    @ozzy47 The group discussions appear in forum search result ? It is possible to get a list of last group and forum discussions together ? Thanks.