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  1. Slayeon

    Kpop forum

    Hey guys so I bring to you my forum its a work in progress and new, very new. Its a kpop forum as well which is fun! Take a look if you want
  2. Slayeon

    Not a bug Bb code issue

    When adding features such as bold/italics for a large thread only half the bbcodes stay. Itll work fine in editing but when im done it doesnt stay.
  3. Slayeon

    XF 2.2 Bb code not working for whole thread

    hello pls advise. I am working on a big post for my forum and for some reason the formatting keeps getting messed. Only half the formatting is working (bold, underline) so the first three ones I did in the post work but the rest of the post it just shows it in the bb code. Any reason for this...
  4. Slayeon

    XF 2.2 renewal of license

    Hi, I renewed my license yesterday but im unable to download the updates, and it still says that I need to purchase! Please advise
  5. Slayeon

    XF 2.0 Custom User Banners

    Hello, does anyone know how to add an image to group banners? Like to make it an image instead of the banner. There used to be addons for xenforo 1.5 but none for 2..
  6. Slayeon

    XF 2.0 Fatal Error code

    Hi im having a huge issue. Everytime you post or message there is an error that pops up. My forum is not yet open as we want to make sure everything is ready and not broken and i already have errors! It keeps saying in admin cp a file is missing but i have tried re adding it and theres no change...