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  1. ge66

    Third party Instagram Embed Doesn't Show Up

    Maybe Instagram should be removed from /admin.php?bb-code-media-sites/
  2. ge66

    [tl] Widget Threads Enhancement [Paid]

    I would like to have the threads with new posts from the last seven days sorted by views. And I only want the threads that is unread so that it shows new threads when you have read one. Is this possible with this addon?
  3. ge66

    [BS] Scheduled posting

    Thank you for this addon. I think there is a bug with last poster date and time being when written and not when posted. Last poster time being before it was posted and visible in forum.
  4. ge66

    [BS] Unlimited scroll

    Just testing this out, it seems to not work with search forums either, otherwise very intresting and might become one of the few select addons I use on my forum.
  5. ge66

    Thread widget with Sort order and Thread criteria like search forum

    I would use this for a couple widgets on a portal page. To show most viewed threads posted in last five days in one or more forums. Sorted by views and show five threads per widget. You could use it for most replied threads as well, and other criterias. Perfect to make users find popular...
  6. ge66

    XF 2.1 Xenforo's own IGNORE function - is there one?

    And all of them have different solutions and problems as I see it. Investigate if you can live with them.
  7. ge66

    XF 2.2 Toggle BB Code disappears

    I would say that it usually is because you clicked the [ ] editor button. It is strange that the button is not seen in the second picture. Edit:Sorry, need to read more carefully next time.
  8. ge66

    Quiz: what was the first image posted on the forums at ?

    I guess I'm just a little bit late, but how about this one:
  9. ge66

    XF 2.2 Footer template renamed?

    Search for 2020 under phrases.
  10. ge66

    XF 2.2 Similar Threads

    Similar threads is a widget so it should be possible to set a conditional for where you want it or not, if the weighting isn't working. You could also set what forum it should take threads from in the widget.
  11. ge66

    Fixed welcome_to_boardtitle to old user

    It looks like a bug
  12. ge66

    Fixed welcome_to_boardtitle to old user

    I had a logged out user informing me about getting a welcome alert and post being submitted when writing a post. I think it should have been only a post being submitted alert. I thought I could test it in the test forum here, but I couldn't see it when logged out. So I test it here to see if I...
  13. ge66

    XF 2.1 Sidenav Width

    If you set sidebarWidth to 160px and use my suggestion above in extra.less: .p-body-sideNav { width: 300px; }
  14. ge66

    Duplicate Identify the OP of a thread

    I guess you could wrap it in: <xf:if is="$post.position % $xf.options.messagesPerPage !== 0"> Don't show content... </xf:if> Haven't tested it.
  15. ge66

    Duplicate Identify the OP of a thread

    I did some thinking and testing :) to solve the minor problem with deleted users. You can put the code below: <xf:usertitle user="$user" tag="h5" class="message-userTitle" banner="true" itemprop="jobTitle" /> in message_macros The new code, it might be improved: <xf:if is="{$__globals.thread}...
  16. ge66

    Duplicate Identify the OP of a thread

    I use this in template message_macros <xf:if is="{$__globals.thread} AND {$__globals.thread.user_id} == {$user.user_id}"> <div class="userBanner userBanner--accent message-userBanner"> {{ phrase('thread_starter') }} </div> </xf:if> It works in 2.1 haven't tested in 2.2 yet. It would be nice to...
  17. ge66

    Taking Requests for Free Add-on Development

    Settings for how many articles that should be shown on different rows and different pages:
  18. ge66

    Taking Requests for Free Add-on Development

    Permissions for user groups/users to post specific thread types:
  19. ge66

    Profile tab visual glitch

    The bug also exist in my xf2.1
  20. ge66

    "Edit own thread title" permission is badly named

    I think Edit own thread, would make me think that I could edit all post in the thread. I would like that kind of permission for a blog-like forum. Maybe something like "Edit own thread start" would be better?