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  1. Redh

    XF2 Emoji Picker

    Hey, It would be nice if there was an add-on that added an Emoji picker to the editor bar to make Emojis better integrated into Xenforo. At the moment not many people use them as they aren't familiar with the keyboard shortcut, and they are kind of just hidden away. A picker box similar to...
  2. Redh

    Graphql query using PhP

    Hey all, I am trying to wrap my head around Graphql, and I'm struggling with the basics. I know the Graphql query I need to run on the remote API server, but I don't know where to start with regards to doing this from a PhP script on my webserver. The query I will be running is similar to...
  3. Redh

    Creating a new widget

    Hello all, I have a small PHP script that checks the API of some gaming servers and displays whether they are online or not. At the moment I am calling to this script from an HTML widget using an iframe, however the problem is I don't always know how many results I am going to get back from...
  4. Redh

    XF 2.0 Navigation Arrows

    Hi there, I am working on upgrading my website to XF2, and have noticed a problem with the way navigation works on smaller screen sizes. At certain resolutions huge ugly arrow bars appear at the left and right of the navigation main tabs: Default skin: Theme: This is with only 5 tabs -...
  5. Redh

    XF 1.5 Removing the Members tab

    Hello, I am trying to remove the Members tab, as I think this functionality should be part of the Forums tab and not a separate website section. I have removed the tab itself thanks to a quick CSS code in the EXTRA.css (courtesy of @Russ from, however this means that when you...