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  1. asma

    XF 2.1 best way to upgrade from 2.1.1 to 2.2.2

    just wondering, is it ok to jump upgrade from 2.1.1 to 2.2.2 ? i mean, should i consider to upgrade by steps, like: 2.1.1 to 2.1.4 2.1.4 to 2.1.7 2.1.7 to 2.2.0 2.2.0 to 2.2.2
  2. asma

    XF 2.1 add new field to contact form

    Within the contact form .. I have name, email, subject and messages fields. Now, I have added "mobile" field to the form .. it shows correctly within the website. However, the received email doesn't include the mobile number that the user entered .. I opened the email template, but I don't know...
  3. asma

    XF 1.5 Creating a test website

    Good day i have been struggling with this issue for so long, heres what happened: 1- we had a live and running website with everything as cool as could be.. one day we faced an issue with the domain name being blocked by one ISP locally for no logical reason, we tried to follow up and resolve...
  4. asma

    XF 1.5 Monthly statistic how many users logged in

    hello is there a way to find out how many users actually logged in or remain active during a specific time period, like one month? i want to know the number of registered users logged in compared to the visitors
  5. asma

    single sign on with SocialEngine

    i need a developer that would make it possible for xenforo users to use their credentials to sign-in to SocialEngine
  6. asma

    Add-on send pm to users

    i'm using xenforo 1.4 and i want to send pm to usergroup(s). is there an add-on that enables such?
  7. asma

    Add-on filter users by age

    i have users registered with age 99+ is there a way or add-on to view this list and message them?
  8. asma

    XF 1.4 hide hidden forums from destination list when moving threads

    when my moderators try to move threads, they still see the long list of all forums including hidden ones.. is there a way to hide these hidden forums from the destination list?
  9. asma

    XF 1.4 thread prefix permission

    can i limit the using of a certain prefix to specific moderators or admins, not all in the usergroup?
  10. asma

    hide online status from guests

    i'm trying to work this out.. if the user choose to hide his online status from guests query from database for online users foreach ( ) { if ($visible ='0') { echo "<xen:if is='{$visitor.user_id}'> display content </xen:if>"...
  11. asma

    Add-on filter moderators log by date

    currently i can filter the moderators log in admin CP by name, is there an add-on to filter by date also? to show log for MrAdmin from 1 Jan 2015 to 31 Dec 2015
  12. asma

    call a function from a link

    i already have a xen:callback that runs the function on page load. i want to add a link where the user clicks it to re run the function as many times as he likes function loadMore() { echo "look a new line! <br/>"; } then in my template <a href="???">Magic!</a> it will call the function...
  13. asma

    XF 1.4 moderators log

    is there a log for moderators activity and the time they log in or log out? i need to know how many hours do they spend online even if they didn't perform any task if an add-on is required i'm guessing it will start recording this log when installed, not previous timings
  14. asma

    XF 1.4 default text color for reply

    when replying to a thread or message, how do i set the default text color for me only? is my code correct? and which template should i add it? <xen:if is="{$user.user_id} == 88300"> <style> { font { color:#0080ff; } } </style> </xen:if>
  15. asma

    XF 1.4 breadcrumb

    how do i hide\unhide the breadcrumb from the main forum page or certain pages?
  16. asma

    XF 1.4 statistics on choosing new style

    where or how can i find out how many users are using the new style i deployed on my forum instead of the old default one?
  17. asma

    XF 1.4 thread post limit

    how can i limit the number of threads a user can create in a specific node to 1 thread every 3 days? but keep the reply post unlimited and all other nodes unlimited as well
  18. asma

    XF 1.4 child node icons

    can this be done? Parent Node - icon1 child node - icon2 child node - icon3 child node - icon4 every node has a different set of icons for forum\unread\page\link
  19. asma

    Add-on trophies for threads

    is there an add-on to give trophies to threads? which has x likes or x replies, or manually for having useful content
  20. asma

    Add-on live support chat

    i need a simple chat for live support, any add-on available?