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  1. Scandal

    XF 2 I need help to merge some custom user fields (values)

    First of all I want to notice that I'm a xF2 developer too, so I'm very okay to contact with other developers in "our language" and I know clearly what I need :). I'm doing some rehearsals of merging two of my own xF2 sites, and I have to merge also some (very) common custom user fields and I...
  2. Scandal

    XF 2.2 Old [AME] bbcode from vBulletin board: replace it with new [MEDIA]

    I'm planning to import a vBulletin 3 board to my xF2.2 site. I have stack on this issue: There are ~9000 posts with the following bbcode from an old vBulletin addon: this is the video title / useless info currently I want to replace / canonicalize it with the new [/CODE] Any idea? I just need a...
  3. Scandal

    XF 2.2 Get post_date of the last post of page X

    Hello all devs! :) Well, I need to build a getter for XF:Thread entity which do this: for page number $page (of the thread), return the post_date of its (I mean page's) last post. I'm trying to find an efficient way to achive this. Even with a simple query / finder. I think that we will have to...
  4. Scandal

    XF 2.2 Progressive Web App (PWA) start screen - icon is very small

    Well, I had been installing PWA on my Android phone (Samsung Note 9 / Chrome). The icon size was "ok" on the start screen. Today I reset my Chrome and re-install the PWA. For an unknown reason, the icon turned to even (very very) smaller and I don't know the reason, since, I didn't have change...
  5. Scandal

    XF 2.2 Ask google to re-index all URLs of my forum since some updates applied

    Recently I changed some parts on my <title> tag of all pages of my forum. What I have to do to ask Google to re-index all my URLs? Could be a good practice to modify sitemap and apply NOW time to <lastmod> xml field? :)
  6. Scandal

    XF 2.2 Two questions about xF2 Sitemap generator

    I have two questions in related with sitemap generator of xF :) 1. As I see on the xml file (sitemap), it has the urls of first page from each thread. Is that normal? A thread could have useful replies in other pages (= useful text for someone who using Google Search). I'm just asking. 2. I have...
  7. Scandal

    Thread Alphabetical Pagination

    Scandal submitted a new resource: Thread Alphabetical Pagination - Filter threads on forum view based on the first letter of thread title. Any language supported. Read more about this resource...
  8. Scandal

    Resources Manager: categories layout like Nodes/ Forum instead of sidebar?

    I'm testing the Resources Manager. :) I have a question: is there any option to disable the categories sidebar and replace it with a categories layout like forum /nodes? I mean: a home page where there will be the categories on the center (main page content) instead of the latest resources. I'm...
  9. Scandal

    As designed xF2.2.2: Some pdf attachments downloaded as content-type "application/octet-stream"

    Do you have any idea why some pdf attachments are downloading as content-type "application/octet-stream"? This has the result the file to not be able to be opened by the OS (Windows, Android, iOS). I don't know why this occurs, since my addons are not affecting the attachments part. I use...
  10. Scandal

    Cannot reproduce Reaction notifications from ignored members

    I was not sure about where to place this thread. On Suggestions or on Bug Reports. Well, I have receive recently (xF2.2.1) some reports from my members that they still receive notifications for reactions to their posts from other members that they have on Ingore List. Is that normal? Is there...
  11. Scandal

    XF 2.2 Is there any RSS feed url for /whats-new/latest-activity

    Is there any RSS feed url for /whats-new/latest-activity page? :)
  12. Scandal

    Chat software solutions

    I have Siropu Chat on my xF2 board. I'm looking for suggestions for other Chat softwares, just to take a look and then to decide if I want to use them. I'm not talking about xF2 addons but for external services that can be integrated with xenForo (I'm a web developer so I can make the...
  13. Scandal

    XF 2.0 Attempted to set 'delete_user_id' on a deleted entity

    I have this custom code on my addon which soft deletes a thread: // now delete $userRepo = \XF::app()->repository('XF:User'); $deleter_userinfo = $userRepo->getUserByNameOrEmail(\XF::app()->options()->sc_deleter_username); $deleter =...
  14. Scandal

    XF 2.2 Pub Controller actionXXX / url with non English characters

    Hello all! Let's say that I want to build a page / url with non English characters. How could I achieve it? Is that possible? For example if I want to use Greeklish (= Greek with English characters), for: /ypologistis/, I have to add this on my Pub Controller: public function...
  15. Scandal

    XF 2.2 can't be set to the value of 'NULL'

    ERROR 1231 (42000) at line 12428 in file: 'c:\is.sql': Variable 'time_zone' can't be set to the value of 'NULL' ERROR 1231 (42000) at line 12430 in file: 'c:\is.sql': Variable 'sql_mode' can't be set to the value of 'NULL' ERROR 1231 (42000) at line 12431 in file: 'c:\is.sql': Variable...
  16. Scandal

    SMTP Service / Improve email delivery rates

    Do you have in mind any way to improve email delivery rates for a xenForo 2 board? I mean: maybe to use SMTP / external email service instead of the integreated php emailer? Do you have to suggest any relevant service ++ instructions? :)
  17. Scandal

    XF 2.2 Push notifications - No supporting on this device

    I'm not sure when the problem starts, but I can't enable push notifications on my xF2.2 board. On admin panel shows that my server supports them (and some time before they were working as expected). Today I upgraded my board to xF2.2 and enabled PWA, when I realized that I can't enable push...
  18. Scandal

    Alerts Auto-refresh (AJAX)

    Scandal submitted a new resource: Alerts Auto-refresh (AJAX) - AJAX auto-refresh of xF alerts and new conversations counters, with no page reload! Like facebook. Read more about this resource...
  19. Scandal

    XF 2.2 Admin Panel: data importing - I need a simple example (5 - 10 lines of code) for the Pub

    I have done lots of things with developement, but I need some help also with this. :) Let's say we are on an Admin Pub controller (actionProcessing). Let's say that we have to run a huge amount of queries (something like a data importing), with the last item (id?) will be on the variable...
  20. Scandal

    [Scandal's] xF Glossary

    Scandal submitted a new resource: [Scandal's] xF Glossary - A premium Glossary System with lots of tools and functions. Read more about this resource...