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  1. swiftyste

    Draft on Edit

    Just to be clear on what i'm suggesting: Drafts should be supported on editing threads, comments & messages. This would be an amazing and much needed feature to limit them oops moments, we have all had one and makes matters worse when editing articles are thrown into the mix. This doesn't need...
  2. swiftyste

    Not a bug Draft Not Showing While Editing

    While editing daft doesn't show/work this happens everywhere, only happens when editing
  3. swiftyste

    XF 2.2 Show content for mobile only & pc only

    I'm looking to only show content for mobile only & also show content for pc only Something similar to this but only by device <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.is_admin"> Show content... </xf:if>
  4. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Report Status isn't showing

    Hello! Seem to be having issue it isn't showing that i have reports pending :unsure: But checking shows i do have reports open & pending 🤯
  5. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 How to set specific widgets for specific prefix?

    I'm looking to show a widget for specific prefix Let's say you you have a widget you wish it to be displayed within this prefix when user selects it, how would you do that? if it's possible that is :ROFLMAO:
  6. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Hide Profile Tab

    I'm looking into removing / hiding "Postings" "Latest Activity" from profile tab page Which is best way in doing this?
  7. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Limit Reactions

    Looking into limiting Reactions in parasitic locations... Say i don't want "haha" and or "love" Reactions in conversations or profile posts Any help would be much appreciated..
  8. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Link Prefix To Custom Thread Field

    Hello, I'm looking into linking custom prefix to custom field that i have created, whats the easiest way in going about doing this? any help will be much appreciated.
  9. swiftyste

    Filter By IGDB Game ID

    Hello, I'm looking into removing massive forum index from all games and placing them in 1 simple category like Game Discussions Game Glitches Game Support etc My first idea was prefixes but with wide range of games this would cause massive list of games and would cause issues if i plan to...
  10. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Move Prefix Button

    I'm looking into changing prefix button on my forum it's currently looking like this :rolleyes: which takes up half of the screen. But i'm looking into changing it to something like this..... Any help in fixing this would be awesome, appreciate all your help
  11. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Unable to Access my website

    Hello! I'm currently hitting an error accessing my website Message i'm receiving in debug mode is " An exception occurred: [LogicException] Unknown relation or alias Moderator accessed on xf_user in src/XF/Mvc/Entity/Finder.php on line 753 XF\Mvc\Entity\Finder->join() in...
  12. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Mass edit Preferences

    I'm looking to mass edit members Preferences to Automatically watch content with email, it's going take me till Christmas to update them all 😆 Any help will be much appreciated!
  13. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Unable To Edit Members Profiles

    I have only just noticed i'm unable to edit members profiles 🤔 When i do go to "edit" on my own profile or a members profile it goes to the "Admin area" but nothing happens just blank screen. I don't have any errors within admin area :unsure: Does anyone have a fix to this ?
  14. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Attachment image issue

    I'm having an issue when uploading images as Attachments :confused: when uploading an image it looks really small no matter the size when uploading as "Thumbnail" lets take a look: Going to upload this GTA 5 image to the site as you can see it's "1920 x 1080" but as soon as i upload it, it...
  15. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Thread views & Replies

    I'm looking to add thread views & thread replies at the top of the thread Does anyone know the code to add this next to the time? Thanks
  16. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Show tabs for some members

    I'm looking to show navigation tab to only show for premium group, i had play around with Display condition with no success any ideas ?
  17. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Ads showing incorrectly

    I have a issue with ads they seem to be adding anywhere they want.. I'm using xenforo advertising settings But despite this ads are showing in each section just like this...... I don't have any ad code anywhere else other then what is shown in the advertising settings above.... Could you...
  18. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Mobile Nav bar for tablets

    I'm looking to change the navigation bar for tablets at the moment it looks something like this: But i'm not really a big fan of > and wish to change it to make it look like it is on mobile: Is there away to do this? Any help would be much appreciated..
  19. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Automatically Detect Display Name and Avatar

    Hello i'm doing little work on contact us page and I want the page to Automatically Detect Display Name of the person who visits and their Avatar. Any help will be much appreciated! So far this is what i have and isn't going very well 😂 Unfortunately i'm working on next version for the site...
  20. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Link Colours

    I'm after changing link colour in editor box only for things like messages, comments when a user adds a link now in editor box it's the same colour as the text they add. I have made a change on custom theme but that's for all links and not for editor box only, Is there any simple way to change...