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  1. Arkshine

    Optimal settings for VPS with 512MB ram (memory issue)

    Hi, Recently I've noticed my forum starting to slow-down and it would be seem server eats too much memory that it uses almost all the available swap most of time. I guess it's time to configure properly all the softwares since I got more hits than at the start. Just as note, I don't know...
  2. Arkshine

    XF 1.1 .4: Javascript issue with inline edition

    After updating to 1.1.4, clearing cache of my server and web browser, here the following issue : on the thread list, when I'm trying to inline-edit the thread using the edit link ; I get this error : In the console, I see : POST 404 (Not Found)...
  3. Arkshine

    Can't upload a file using swfupload

    Hi, I'm moving my forum to a VS where I've installed/configured all myself, and it seems I can't upload a file through swfupload. To be more precise, once I valid, file is uploading (not sure where), then when completed, the error appears at this time. Note: without the flash uploader, it...
  4. Arkshine

    Unable to fill custom user field with email/url as match requirements

    Hi, Here the problem : If I try to fill a custom user field, like Windows Live which has an email match requirement, I get an internal server error. - I have the latest XF version. - There is not entry in the Server Log Error. - Tried to disable all my addons. - It seems to happen with URL...
  5. Arkshine

    HTML rendering in forum description overlay

    Hi, I've put some HTML in forum descriptions, but since the render in the overlay is horrible, I would like to know if there is a way to tell the overlay to simply ignore the HTLM or a block of lines ? In others words, I would like to have the HTML rendered in the description, only when you...
  6. Arkshine

    Duplicate Render issue with FireFox

    Hello, Just seen that on Firefox (8.0.1), the render is not the same. You notice the > is more dark (happens too on the profile at left when you view a post), and there is a blank space (happens too if you create a child node and when you view the forum where your sub-forum is, you see a blank...