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  1. 3rd AnGle

    Huge opportunity in Community based LMS platform

    Folks, As you know online courses are getting big and bigger, there's a huge opportunity for a learning management solution (LMS) addon. Business Problem: Current LMS solutions built around wordpress are really good.... what's bad is the discussion forum or the community interaction...
  2. 3rd AnGle

    XF 2.0 XF-Re-Designed: How to setup 3 columns pages with different dimensions?

    How can i achieve this kind of 3 column pages? create a left sidebar where the width could be Y px create a right sidebar where the width could be X px Any help is highly appreciated. (y) (My end goal is to create an awesome portal kind of page which looks like SPA. I am using @RobParker 's...
  3. 3rd AnGle

    XF 2.0 Problem with Height 100% in iFrame

    I have an embed file which, if set to width 100%, shrinks the file to much smaller size. I researched and found out this from the community The problem could be that.. in the message block, 100%...
  4. 3rd AnGle

    XF 2.0 Thread view changed from XF1: How can i bring back the good old one?

    Please help me in getting the old style of having each posts in a thread continuously without any gaps and blocks. This is with the gaps This is what i want to achieve Can anyone provide the CSS codes to hide this gap? Thanks
  5. 3rd AnGle

    Menu Widgets and Forum/Category List Widgets

    Hi XF!. Please Please Please.... provide us widgets for these: 1. Menu Widget .. will be excellent @sidebar 2. Category/Forum List Widget Please like this suggestion if you wanted it implemented
  6. 3rd AnGle

    RM 2.0 Resource icon upload option not showing in Add resource page

    All permissions are granted. resource manager "Allow resource icons" checked. When adding a resource, the upload icon is not shown.... rather after the resource is added and submitted only i have to go to tool options which is tucked far right corner under a drop down to upload the icon. Also...
  7. 3rd AnGle

    XF 2.0 Trimming Thread Titile in New Threads widgets and Threads List

    There was a discussion about this for xf1 but i thought it'd be more appropriate to start a new one for xf2 not to mix up, as codes have been changed. I am trying to trim the thread title length probably using ellipsis on the New Threads widgets and the forum thread list. Can you guide me...
  8. 3rd AnGle

    XF 2.0 Have you removed breadcrumb style properties?

    Hello XF, I am unable to find style properties for breadcrumb. Can you guide me where i can find it? Objective: to change color to add margin-top
  9. 3rd AnGle

    XF 1.5 Help me make BBCode for Tableau public workbook

    Hi all, Need your help in embedding Tableau workbook on my forum post. I wan to set up a custom BB code to embed file from ONE particular website to embed twbx file on my posts. I have been trying myself but so far i am able to embed specific workbook only by manually...
  10. 3rd AnGle

    Lack of interest Donate/Pay to feature your resource item

    I know payment system is not included in RM now.... if such is integrated is planned, can we have an option to let users donate/pay an amount to make their resource item featured?
  11. 3rd AnGle

    Lack of interest Auto create a forum on creating a resource item

    Which can be used for support. For example: XenPorta2 is very popular mod and hence there are 100s of pages of discussion. Can we allow auto creation of a forum with the Resource author as the Moderator (permission for forums configurable) when user create a resource item which can be used to...
  12. 3rd AnGle

    how to set up attachment viewing permission on a node-by-node basis

    I have a news forum for which i need to set the attachment viewing permission for the guest users..... is there any way i can do the permission setting on a node-by-node basis?
  13. 3rd AnGle

    XF 1.3 Template search returns "No items matched your filter"

    I know for a fact that the search keywords exist because i am already inside the template.. i have ticked, unticked all possible options like Unmodified Modified in a parent style Modified in this style what could be wrong?
  14. 3rd AnGle

    Timeline Addon

    Is there any add on or BB code that can be used to define a timeline? It could be vertical or horizontal. Example: i want to time stamped several events ...
  15. 3rd AnGle

    XF 1.3 Can you help me with this? Removing sub links in Nav Bar

    I am trying to remove the sub links under forum tabs.. see pic Since the home tab already has most of those sub links as drop down, i don't want to show them.. Is there any way to remove these links without affecting the drop-down menu of each home and forum tab. Meaning: when i am in Forum...
  16. 3rd AnGle

    Rooms by Facebook

    Will this become a threat to the existing forums?
  17. 3rd AnGle

    Which add on or template modification is this?

    @Bram has this on his racedepartment site not sure if this mod has been shared.. cannot find it myself... or is it private??
  18. 3rd AnGle

    XF 1.2 How to highlight a particular Tab?

    In style properties, there are options to to change the color of the selected tab, hover tab etc but my objective is to highlight a particular tab regardless of user actions.. Highlight can be done using background color or place a small "new" button over the tab I have xfsoccer installed and...
  19. 3rd AnGle

    Lack of interest Comment features on attached image in Overlay mode

    It will awesome if xenForo can add comment feature on attached image in Overlay mode... many a times members post pictures which may or may not be related to the topic.. when it is vaguely related but the image is intriguing to members the discussions goes haywire.. It'd be great if we can...
  20. 3rd AnGle

    XF 1.2 Upgrade from 1.1.4 to 1.2.2 problem

    I am getting an error like this... did i make a mistake to upgrade from 1.1.4 directly.. i used the upgrade only package... An exception occurred: Mysqli prepare error: Table 'hippy_mtalks.xf_deferred' doesn't exist in /home/hippy/public_html/ on...