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  1. Myke623

    Top Article in Preview Display mode

    Beyond the first page, the top article continues to occupy the full width and appears a little jarring (to me) to have an "old" article randomly emphasised this way. Would you consider changing it so that only the first article on the first page occupies full width? My suggestion would be from...
  2. Myke623

    XF 1.5 Impact of removing Facebook integration?

    What is the impact of removing Facebook integration from my site? Specifically, I'm referring to the login integration (and not the 'like' functionality). For example, if users signed-up using this feature and its subsequently removed, will their logins be affected? If so, is there a way to...
  3. Myke623

    XF 2.0 Inline edit with formAction

    I'm trying to get a handle on inline editing with basic formAction rather than creating Services. The approach I'm using is similar to Profile Posts, so there's a basic form followed by a feed of messages. Inserting messages via ajax works fine, and messages can be edited inline. The issue I'm...
  4. Myke623

    XF 2.0 Entity Manager Create Method

    In order to insert a new record (entity), the Entity Manager (em) create method is being used: $note = $this->em()->create('Demo\Scratchpad:Note'); In my 'note' entity, the 'note_id' is an auto incrementing primary key, however, when I invoke the formAction with a basicEntitySave($note...
  5. Myke623

    Fixed Can't create Fixed List Notice

    After upgrading to 1.50.20a, I wanted to create a new list notice using the Fixed Notice Type, but I get the following error upon saving: When I dismiss this dialog, there's no visible indication of where the invalid entry was. After some trial-and-error, switching the Notice Type from...
  6. Myke623

    Not a bug XF1 Images on Home Page

    More of a sales/marketing bug report than a technical one, but the image previews of the XenForo software shown on the home page do not represent XF2.0:
  7. Myke623

    Dummy XFCP class cannot be resolved to a type

    When extending a class via the XenForo Class Proxy (XFCP) system, eclipse reports that it cannot resolve the type of the XFCP reference class: Is there a way to have eclipse not report these errors? Kind of bums me out seeing red x's all over the place!
  8. Myke623

    XF 2.0 Issue with editing templates on the filesystem

    I'm following the "Let's build an add-on" in the dev docs and ran into an issue with creating/editing templates directly on the filesystem. Put simply, any changes I make don't appear to be seen. If I instead create/edit the template via the ACP, then the file is immediately written out to disk...
  9. Myke623

    Sticky Nav Header transition is jarring

    When the nav transitions into the sticky state, the selected tab transforms to display a drop-down arrow containing the (now hidden) sub-tab elements. After the transition, all of the following tab items are offset to the right, making the transition from normal to sticky state visually jarring...
  10. Myke623

    Fixed Strange Alert

    The second alert shown in the screenshot below is devoid of any content save for the attributed user (Hara) and the timestamp.
  11. Myke623

    Fixed 1.5.6 "Unsupported SSL protocol" server errors

    Since recently upgrading to 1.5.6 I noticed today a heap of server errors related to Unsupported SSL protocol: Connection to PayPal failed: Error in cURL request: Unsupported SSL protocol Error Info Zend_Http_Client_Exception: Connection to PayPal failed: Error in cURL request: Unsupported SSL...
  12. Myke623

    Adding a tab to Members

    My goal is to to add a new tab to the Members page that list members based on some yet-to-be-defined criteria. In looking around for existing resources that would help me develop this I found: Creating an add-on to insert tabs in profile page (using hooks) which is pretty close to what I...
  13. Myke623

    SQL to select all siblings with specific child

    I have a simple parent-child hierarchical arrangement using two tables: Assemblies (parents) and Parts (children). An assembly consists of one or more parts. | AID | A_NAME | |-----|------------| | 1 | Assembly X | | 2 | Assembly Y | | 3 | Assembly Z | | PID | P_NAME | AID |...
  14. Myke623

    XF 1.4 How to scale css sprites (e.g. Smilies)

    I have a need for scaling (down) some smilies for alternate display purposes. Is there a tidy way to accomplish this?
  15. Myke623

    Understanding Add-on Upgrades

    I've largely been developing some add-ons for my own, specific needs, with no intention of an external release. As such, I have nothing fancy happening as part of install/uninstall process. I setup any resources (like db tables) I need manually. But on the occasion I wish to update my add-on...
  16. Myke623

    Calling a registered javascript function N-times

    I've created some custom buttons (toggle yes/no) for use in a form: There are 19 buttons in total, with the first 3 selected ('yes') as shown. The javascript function to handle the toggle functionality works as desired, changing both the appearance (class) and value (hidden input) on click...
  17. Myke623

    XF 1.4 Styling a select dropdown possible?

    An add-on I'm developing uses select dropdowns in forms for user input. For example: The default xenForo style makes it quite difficult to see the black downward arrow indicating that this input is a dropdown menu, and that's when the control has focus. When it doesn't have focus, the...
  18. Myke623

    Generic Dialogue Box

    Is there a recommended way of using a generic dialogue box for the purposes of informing/warning the user? To date, I've been using a simple template: <xen:title>{$title}</xen:title> <xen:h1>{$title}: {$subtitle}</xen:h1> <div class="sectionMain"> <div...
  19. Myke623

    Replacing content returned by xen:raw

    I have some template code as follows: {xen:raw $myContent} which mainly contains text and some smiley code, hence the need for the xen:raw tag. However, within this content I'd like to replace all occurrences of the greater-than symbol (>) with the unicode geometric shape ► (&#9658;). I've...
  20. Myke623

    xfInsert'ing into a specific tab?

    Dynamically inserting new content with ajax is all well and good when working in a flat list, like so: <ol id="myList"> <li class="listItem"></li> <li class="listItem"></li> <li class="listItem"></li> <!-- insert here --> </ol> And the relevant js code would be...