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  1. Joe Link

    XF 2.2 How do I add a class to .overlay-container with JS?

    What I'm trying to do is add a class to the overlay-container when a specific button is clicked, so that I can change the CSS behavior of specific overlays (some normal, some ease-in, etc). I don't know JavaScript, but I know it's possible and I know I'm close. Comments as to why it's not a good...
  2. Joe Link

    XF 2.2 Add share button to thread actions button group?

    I'm trying to figure out how to add a share button to the thread actions button group and make it work exactly as if someone hovered over the share button above the first post of the thread. I've tried all sorts of stuff, just can't seem to get it right. I've added this to thread_view, which...
  3. Joe Link

    Sort more users list by date of last IP use rather than username

    The user list located at edit > ip addresses > more users is sorted by username. With big forums and dynamic IP's this list often has 50+ entries. It'd be a lot more useful if the most recent users of a specific IP were listed at the top and the oldest at the bottom.
  4. Joe Link

    Add-on Separate news feed for moderators to monitor "problem members"

    We all have members who like to walk the line between what is allowed and what isn't. It'd be a whole lot easier for moderators to watch these folks if there were a separate news feed, only viewable by moderators. Moderators would be able to add or remove members from this feed via the member...
  5. Joe Link

    Custom Field Permissions & Edit History

    I'm re-posting this suggestion by @Alpha1, as we're a few years down the road and it seems a lot more people are using custom fields. I've spoke with several developers who don't want to incorporate a feature like this into their addons until it's part of the XF core (most were expecting it in...
  6. Joe Link

    Browser issue service_worker.js HTTP auth issue

    Bear with me, I'm not entirely sure what I'm talking about :) Our dev site is password protected per the XF terms. In Chrome and Edge, it looks like XF is caching the service_worker.js, preventing the display of the authentication prompt. Not a huge issue on our dev site as I know how to clear...
  7. Joe Link

    Tracking forum sections/categories/nodes with Google Analytics?

    Since sections/categories/nodes aren't listed in URL's, I haven't been able to answer questions such as "which threads in node X are pulling in the most visitors from Google?". I know there are ways to set it up to do it, but I figured I'd ask if anyone else has done it before digging into it...
  8. Joe Link

    XF 2.1 Is there a way to disable the reaction tooltip with an <xf:react> argument?

    I'm wondering if there's a way to hide the tooltip--reaction tooltip to disable all reactions except likes for a certain element (let's use media albums as an example). Is there a way to disable the menu by adding an argument to the link? <xf:react content="{$album}" link="media/albums/react"...
  9. Joe Link

    Fixed Push notification phrase issue with album reactions

    Seems there's an issue with the push notification phrase when a user reacts to an album. Media reactions work properly.
  10. Joe Link

    XF 2.1 Change number of AdminCP search results?

    I swear I once saw a group of settings allowing modification of AdminCP search results, changing both the number of results from the default 10 and the areas searched. It might have been an add-on, but I have no idea. Am I crazy?
  11. Joe Link

    XF 2.1 Anyone else have passwords input into the location field?

    I imagine it's probably a specific browser/plugin/etc autofilling information, but about one out of every 30 new registrations we have what's obviously a password input into the location field. In the register_macros template, to make it more clear to autocomplete, I've changed this...
  12. Joe Link

    MG 2.1 Remove XFMG search tabs from search?

    How can we remove the XFMG album and comment search tabs from the search_form page?
  13. Joe Link

    XF 2.1 Display user thread count within specific nodes without an add-on?

    Is it possible to display the number of threads a user has posted in a specific array of nodes, or would that require an add-on?
  14. Joe Link

    XF 2.1 Fatal error: Allowed memory size exhausted

    I've been getting these errors when trying to edit templates since upgrading to 2.1.8 P2 yesterday. Not always, but frequently. Any ideas? Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 335544320 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 86016 bytes) in /home/
  15. Joe Link

    How do I renew/extend our license without extras (Resource Manager)?

    We purchased a license for Resource Manager to see if it'd meet our needs, unfortunately it did not. We need to extend our license for the core software and Media Gallery, but we don't want to extend the Resource Manager license. When we try to check out it automatically tries to extend all three.
  16. Joe Link

    XF 2.1 Can we set the Contact Us form subject through the link?

    Is it possible to set the subject for the Contact Us form through the link? Something like this? <a href="{{ link('misc/contact?subject="Subject"') }}">
  17. Joe Link

    Check for duplicate attachments on upload

    Many of our users are not tech savvy and often end up accidentally uploading the same image to the same post twice. This add-on does a good job of finding these duplicate attachments, but it'd be nice if the user was notified before the post was posted.
  18. Joe Link

    XF 2.1 Moving custom field explaination above formrow input?

    It makes more sense to me to have the custom field explanation above the field rather than below it (after the user may have already entered information). I simply want to move it above the input. Like this: Rather than this: Not sure if this is the right place or if I should post it...
  19. Joe Link

    Other Overlay/Popup/Modal on button click

    This is really simple, I just can't figure it out 😵 We have a button that locks and unlocks threads (which works as it should). When that button is clicked to lock a thread I want a native XF overlay/popup/modal to pop up with the contents of a template. Shoot me a convo :)
  20. Joe Link

    XF 2.1 Language Inheritance Question

    On our development site we have a global language, then a child language for each of our sites. Right now we export both the global language and the child language to each of our sites. If we export only the child language, will it inherit the changes made in the global language too, or do we...