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  1. Tom McIntyre

    XF 2.1 Rebuild stats cache from 1967?

    I ran rebuild daily statistics and was startled that the progress message was reporting that it was working on 1967 data. It was into the 1990's before I thought to do a screen capture. Our original phpBB was installed in 2002.
  2. Tom McIntyre

    Manage promoted users

    Is there some reason not to have the ability to remove a user from one user group and put them into another via a usergroup promotion? When my donors have given enough to become sponsors, I do not want to show both badges.
  3. Tom McIntyre

    Why is Attachment Gallery in Admin area in 2.1

    We have had problems with our attachments ever since we moved from vBulletin 4.2. The expectations of how the attachments in our vB Scandal Gallery could be used to supply attachments for new threads and gallery browsing was a general resource. We have not yet moved to 2.2 because we have been...
  4. Tom McIntyre

    XF 2.1 Collapse sticky threads is not persistent

    Many of our users keep the sticky threads collapsed at the top of the forum list.. In xF1.5 the sticky stayed collapsed unless new content was added to the sticky thread group. Is there a setting that will restore that behavior? I have not been able to find such a setting.
  5. Tom McIntyre

    XF 2.1 Toggle bbCode should reset on post or cancel

    If the toggle bbCode is turned to text mode, the editor remains in text mode for that user. The behavior in xF1.5 was to clear the text edit state and our users find this behavior very confusing. I cannot find a control to change this behavior.
  6. Tom McIntyre

    Create conditional in template for specific userid

    I want to add a conditional to a template for userid = 1 (the owner of the site). But I cannot figure out how to do that. Is the some way to specify a particular user in $xf.visitor... ? I am trying to show ad previews to only myself. <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.is_admin AND...
  7. Tom McIntyre

    Access user account in admin cp

    Our XF1.5 system which we just upgraded had the feature that a link to the users Admin cp data was available in the popup of user information in the postbit and various other locations. I cannot seem to find the option or an addon that addresses this feature. Am I just not looking hard enough?
  8. Tom McIntyre

    XF 2.1 Upgrade to php7.3 has broken install function

    We had a successful test run and have now ipgraded out live site to XF2.1. After that installation we had warnings from cPanel that our system sofware was out of date. Specifically MariaDB was dropping support for our version. We upgraded to the latest version and things appeared to be OK until...
  9. Tom McIntyre

    XF 2.1 User access to attachment browser

    I have been suffering ever since we moved from vBulletin with lost attachments by some of my most productive users. Now that we have 2.1 installed, I see that the attachment browser provides the archival record of all their attachments and may even be complete. Is there some way I have not...
  10. Tom McIntyre

    XF 2.1 Configure editor codes in the edit previous post window

    One of my users asked to have the draft tool added to the small and extra small toolbars. I did that but when I use the edit link below the post, the editor has a display that does not seem to be available for customizing in the admin cp. Is there a recommended way to edit the set of toolbars...
  11. Tom McIntyre

    XF 2.1 Persistent select for moderation checkbox in thread display.

    Select for moderation check box appears for all logged in users in XF2.1. It does not appear here with 2.2. If I create a brand new user who only belongs to the default Registered User group that has no moderation permissions, The box appears and the moderation drop down is empty of functions...
  12. Tom McIntyre

    XF 2.1 How to manage navigation links moving between top nav and public nav

    I have been directed to match a top navigation structure on a system that includes XenForo, WP and iMIS RiSE pages. After a bit of head scratching I hacked the PAGE CONTAINER template and added the links in the top navigation bar. When the screen goes to small size, the top nav moves to the...
  13. Tom McIntyre

    Add document types to advanced search

    Our system consists of the forums and a WordPress system that provides a front end to our Research Center, Publications, Library Catalog and Museum artifact archives. I would like to create additional document types for advanced search to use the contents of these facilities. Some of these will...
  14. Tom McIntyre

    XF 2.1 setting default privacy options

    I cannot find a way to change the default values for account privacy. We have disabled profile posts in our current forums because of the confusion between profile posts and conversations. I believe if we change the default value from "members" to "people you follow" the feature would be...
  15. Tom McIntyre

    MG 2.1 Moving to xf2.1 from xf1.5 with a broken import from vB4.4 Scandal gallery

    We we moved from vBulletin in 2017 we had a lot of problems with our attachments and galley images. The attachments are sort of settled for posts but our media import did not go well. I tried to mimic the former structure with member albums for most of the content. The typical album breadcrumb...
  16. Tom McIntyre

    XF 2.1 Selecting users with custom user fields

    In looking through the custom user field definitions, I noticed that I am able to specify a date field or a numeric value field for a single line text field. For the built in user fields, date fields can be selected against a date range and numeric fields may have value expressions such as...
  17. Tom McIntyre

    XF 2.1 Will xf1.5 run with PHP 7.2

    We are in the process of upgrading our site from xf1.5 to xf2.10 and have the test site running on the same system in a subfolder using Brogan's tutorial. Some of the Addons will not run with PHP 5.6 and I want to upgrade the cPanel package to PHP 7.4 w/opcache. The live site is pretty busy and...
  18. Tom McIntyre

    FScrawler support in XF elastic Search

    We have a large archive of PDF documents that I would like to search using FScrawler integrated with xenForo because that is where we have Elastic Search installed. Has anyone done something like that?
  19. Tom McIntyre

    Add-on Timed thread approval

    We have a usage rule in our forums that restricts discussion or hides (unapproves) threads that are about an item currently actively being sold. I would live to have an option to approve or unlock a thread at a future date and time. If the item is for sale in an on-line auction, which is most...
  20. Tom McIntyre

    Centos 7.6 removes imagick

    Our in-house server is running cPanel/WHM and iMagick was uninstalled when it upgraded last night. I think I need to use yum to load the packages which appear to include pear as well as php-imagick, etc. The yum.conf file has php* in its exclude directory and I am getting in over my head on...