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  1. gldtn

    XF 2.2 Page criteria; how to specify multiple template names

    How do I specify to use multiple template names as a page criteria? I had conversation_list, conversation_view, conversation_add even though it was working for a little while, it gave me a warning message: Now it stopped working out of the blue, it only works with one template name. Thanks
  2. gldtn

    One-click upgrades with Ubuntu

    gldtn submitted a new resource: One-click upgrades with Ubuntu - Permission setup to be able to use on-click upgrades Read more about this resource...
  3. gldtn

    MG 2.0 Embed media not showing

    Hello, I'm doing a test upgrade on my dev site from Xenforo 1 to Xenforo 2. After installing and upgrading XFMG everything seems to be working fine until I click on a embed video. The videos thumbnails are there: This is how the video appears w/ the missing video: If I click on edit, I...
  4. gldtn

    Post editing > more options > blank page

    Hello, some of my members are reporting errors when trying to edit a post and clicking on "More options". Apparently they are using chrome on windows. Here is some screenshot they sent me: And refreshing the page it gives them a post error saying they can only perform such action "via...
  5. gldtn

    MG 1.1 Import member tags

    I'm translating the gallery to Portuguese and I'm trying to figure out where this phrase is located and if it's referring to member tags when you tag someone on a picture or like a thread tag? Thanks in advance!
  6. gldtn

    Videos; Media vs Post

    I'm recently trying to close all threads that does nothing but hold videos from Youtube & Vimeo. One thread that I have has 77 pages, and I dislike that and sometimes can take a while to load. I do have Xenforo's Media add-on and I'm trying to get others to use it more often. Although I have...
  7. gldtn

    MG 1.1 Disable media/album member view tab

    How do I disable the media/album member view(profile) tab? I can't seem to find it under options neither style properties. Thanks!
  8. gldtn

    Disable media gallery embed

    Is it possible to disable media gallery embed button from editor? I thought there was an option for it, but can't seem to find anything related! Thanks!
  9. gldtn

    Not a bug Editing a profile post comment

    While trying to edit a profile post comment I get the folowing error: "The requested comment could not be found."
  10. gldtn

    xen foreach loop

    How do I do a foreach loop up to only 5 items in a template? This is what I have so far but I need to stop the loop after X amount of items <div class="ctaSliderThumbs"> <ul> <xen:foreach loop="$sliderEntries" value="$sliderEntry"> <li class="avatar"> <a href="{xen:link...
  11. gldtn

    Lack of interest Media Gallery Embed

    I really like the embed feature of XMG :D, but In my opinion I think the large image sometimes is a bit too much specially if we are using it to make a log thread with a lot of images.. even when we choose the 'simple' or 'media only' option it could be a bit too much. Would it be possible to...
  12. gldtn

    Fixed Attachments and merging post issues

    Sorry if this has already been reported, but I ran into theses issues while dealing with attachments on 1.3.. If I merge a post that has attachments to another post that has reached the character limit, it gives me a character limit(1000) error and halts from merging the post, but the...
  13. gldtn


    Just started my mushroom cultivation forum.. would like some feedback from the members here! Thanks!
  14. gldtn

    Add-on magnet link BBcode

    Would be nice to be able to post a magnet link into our forum with bbcode. Here is one from phpBB3
  15. gldtn

    Convert Full Attachments [Deleted]

    gldtn submitted a new resource: Convert Full Attachments - Convert full attachments to thumbnails Read more about this resource...
  16. gldtn

    XF 1.2 user profile

    I can't seem to access any of my members profile or my own.. and none of my account settings page. It just returns a Server error as if the page doesn't exist. Any ideas? @Brogan , @Mike
  17. gldtn

    Nginx + php-fm + Xcache + Memcached server problems

    Hello guys, I've recently configured a LEMP environment on an ArchLinux VPS and I'm having problems with my websites where it's not always loading, specially images. I'm running off of Linode (Linode 2048) I have taken some screenshots; I randomly get this while navigating through my...
  18. gldtn

    Add-on [REQ] Allow attachment limit per usergroup

    I think the thread title speaks for it self ;), I would like to set attachment limit on a per usergroup base. Thanks!
  19. gldtn

    XF 1.1 403 forbidden error with webdav

    What ended up being the problem here? I just recently setup my Webdav connection, but when I try to save I get a "403 Forbidden: Access is denied." Thanks!
  20. gldtn

    Cannot reproduce Images uploaded to the resources

    The don't always show to on FF 14.0.1, but shows up in Chrome fine for me. This also happens at my work computer using FF for windows.