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  1. Starbucks

    Redesigned Login Screen

    Hi there, I love the rich features of XenForo, it’s capable of almost everything! 🤩 So I’m working on this project for an organization and decided to redesign the UI of XenForo. Even though I’ve already done some redesigns in the main UI, I’d be sharing some more pics over time. To start...
  2. Starbucks

    XF 2.2 Staff Reply Color

    Hi! I'd like to know how I can customize the background color of a staff reply. I've seen some other threads for XF 1.5, but those don't seem to work (might need some code adjustments(?)...
  3. Starbucks

    XF 2.1 How can I create Custom Field Groups?

    Hi All, I have a question regarding Custom Field groups. I'd like to have custom groups in the Personal Details section for my custom fields, such as; Job - education etc. I have already seen a great example for XF1, however, this is not up to date anymore, please see...