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  1. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Couple of php errors in XF

    For some other reason I had a php error log enabled on my domain. Now I found several errors generated by XF core files (and 1 redirection script) and I wonder why. First the XF core errors. This one I see lots of times [12-Feb-2021 15:56:23 Europe/Amsterdam] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error...
  2. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Put user in usergroup for certain period of time

    This seems not possible with promotions. But sometimes I would like to put certain users in a secondary usergroup for a certain amount of time (days or months for example) and that he gets automatically removed from that usergroup after that period of time. Can this be done? If yes, how?
  3. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Show ads (or announcements) at a certain date?

    In IPB we had an option to put in dates for showing ads. So you could show an ad (for example a banner ad) for example from january 10 until january 20th and it would automatically start and stop on those dates. I also used that for certain announcements and also used it to display like eastern...
  4. Black Tiger

    Issues with Xenforo and php-fpm73 causing blank screens

    I keep getting issues with Xenforo and php-fpm73. Ran into this already several times. But it does not happen at specific moments as far as I can see. It crashes php-fpm73 partly. I first thought it was a php-fpm or config issue, but after thourough investigation I discovered it started...
  5. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Where can I find the http in editor toolbar for image?

    I'm not native English so I don't know if I described this correctly. So we have those buttons/links in the editor link smilies, insert url and also insert image or ctrl+P. Now if you select the "by url" then you see a little http:// above the entry box. I would like to change this to either...
  6. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 How can I best find the template to add to block advertising?

    I would like to add some extra templates to block advertising. But in some cases I can't find the template which I have to use for this. For example, if you want to block adds on the memberlist. I presumed I had to add the "member_list" template to the "Prevent ads showing in these templates"...
  7. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Easy way to discover deleted threads/posts

    Hello. My moderator told me he had deleted thread by accident. Luckily he has no hard delete options so I could recover them. However I had to go to the specific board to see the delete posts. Is there no place where there is an overview where you can see which threads/posts are deleted? I...
  8. Black Tiger

    Batch update threads selection "older than"

    We merged 2 forums. As for one of the forum parts I needed to delete older posts like delete everything older then x time ago or older then x date. There is no option for this. There is a kindlike option to use, post between x and x, however, the starting x is limited to 2011, so you can't use...
  9. Black Tiger

    IPB's nobbc code not converted to icode

    Invision forum uses by default the nobbc code in their editor to prevent conversion. For example, you want to show how to place something between img code tags but don't want it converted to a real image link. It's like the icode plain tag here on Xenforo. At this moment, the nobbc code is not...
  10. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Mysql strings to replace characters

    I need 3 mysql strings to replace things. First one is like this: UPDATE xf_post SET message = REPLACE(message, '>', '>'); but this gives an error in the used syntax at "> it says. While there is only one ' in the string there. The second one is the same, but then for < which needs to...
  11. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Deleted smilie does not get deleted

    When I select a smilie and delete it, it won't show anymore in the admin panel, but it won't get physically deleted. It remains in the directory on the server. Is this working as designed or is this indeed a bug?
  12. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Change banned stuff, like ip's, mails, reasons

    I've seen all kind of banning options. Like ban ip address, ban e-mail adresses (also with wildcard). Ban reasons which can be added. However, it seems that once submitted, there is no way (except maybe via database edit) to change an adres, ip or reason. If a typo is made for example or some...
  13. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Remove bold from signature after import

    I've set "Allow basic text formatting (bold, italic, etc)" to "never" for registerd users (so this will be applied to everyone). However, after the ipb import, this was not changed, so several users have signatures in bold. Is there an easy way, like a mysql query, to remove all bold from...
  14. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Can widgets get a block/header like this?

    At this moment, in widgets for example in the side bar, only the title text visible, no nice background. It would be a lot nicer if it can be made like this, so kind of a block colored header (or how does one call that)? I don't need the grey box around it. I'm only referring to the little...
  15. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Howto mass move threads based on search result?

    I need this for moving posts after merging two forums. Somebody somewhere told me this was possible with Xenforo. However, I can't find a way to do it. I expected selection boxes to be able to move several threads from a search result to a specific forum. Is this in any way possible with Xenforo?
  16. Black Tiger

    Best way to redirect an imported forum on another domain name

    I did a conversion my forums, for example from ipb to Xen. Then I used the redirect addon to redirect and this works fine. Now the difficulty. There is another forum, let's call it which at this moment is residing on a totally different server. This is an SMF forum...
  17. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Twitter login settings?

    I want to configure the Twitter login to my forum, but some part is not described in the manual and since I like some safety, I don't know what to fill in. So on the "Keys and Tokens" page, there is the Api key and the secret key. Below it, there is the "Access token & Access token secret". Now...
  18. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Disable usergroup display for admins and mods

    Oke this is what is happening: In the admin panel I already disabled "Show staff and group banner" and "Show staff banner" but that does not change anything here. I could enable "Hide standard user title" but I want this active for my users. Is there a simple way to have that first usertitle...
  19. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 Change forum type, downsides for id's or seo?

    I would like to set several of my forums from Discussion to Question type. When I click the button, there is a warning for a risk about data loss. I don't know when that data loss can occur, only when changing to articles or also to questions or.... Would changing a normal discussion type...
  20. Black Tiger

    XF 2.2 How can I remove new posts and whats-new for guests?

    How do I remove the "new posts" button and whats-new for guests? I would like them to register and login to have these options. I know I can take them away in the Public Navigation, but I do want them present for my users.