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  1. stevenavery

    XF 2.1 flexibility in how Youtube media displays

    Often a YouTube url placed like: I am adding a space. http:// is changed by Xenforo to a MEDIA /MEDIA code And then it shows the actual youtube in the post. (I could place this in pic, but I think it is understandable.) Sometimes this is excellent...
  2. stevenavery

    XF 2.1 plan B when the migration redirections flop - special landing page

    Redirection problems often occur after migrations. The vBulletin redirection add-on is no longer supported, this was a change made fairly recently. And there does not seem to be any straightforward trouble-shooting tech way to try to resolve the problem, even if the import table looks to have...
  3. stevenavery

    this forum - conversation threads - 10-minute edit-lock limit

    This seems especially quick for the conversation area. Even for the forum area, it seems quick, there, however, it is understandable. (Assuming it is the same.) Can the conversation be given a longer EDIT time limit? (I am just starting out with Xenforo, however I am getting help in the...
  4. stevenavery

    VPS with good support, modest price

    I bought my license today, leaving vBulletin 4.2.5, on another thread we discuss install possibilities. - used more as a personal research center and blog. Apparently, a VPS is a good idea if you are going to be robust in certain types of add-ons and tweaks. As well as...