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  1. Max Taxable

    XF 2.1 Question: When viewing "Current Visitors"

    I have this coming up, an error for a visitor, when hovering on "Viewing unknown page" I keep seeing: What does that mean? It's the same IP repeatedly getting that. Info on the "visitor" it appears to be a Semrush bot, IP beginning with 46.229 out of Ashburn VA.
  2. Max Taxable

    Plain Jane, all business. Pro Football Forums DESKTOP: MOBILE:
  3. Max Taxable

    XF 2.1 No thread merge tool?

    I took quite a bit of time looking around, and being relatively new to xenForo maybe it was asked long ago but.... I see no option at all to merge threads for the admin, when he/she manages threads. It's kind of a curious omission and I'm wondering what the logic is, behind leaving it out. Being...
  4. Max Taxable

    XF 2.1 "Forum is closed" message?

    Any easy way to turn that off?
  5. Max Taxable

    XF 2.1 Alternating background colors for posts

    I want to have two alternating background colors for the content area of posts. Any ideas? Sounds like something I might be able to add to extra.less but not sure. This is a style that is default, was made new with no parent. So, if need to inspect code, xf forum is just fine. Site is a closed...
  6. Max Taxable

    XF 2.1 Public Navigation

    Does anyone know any way to re-set the navigation to default?
  7. Max Taxable

    XF 2.1 Count 'dragula.'

    I keep getting file health check report of a missing file, but when I go look for it, it is there, located right where it should be. js/vendor/dragula/dragula.js - Missing Any ideas?
  8. Max Taxable

    Take a look at our tiny sports board, newly on XF!

    Took the big bite and migrated it away from vB 4 directly to XF 2.1 RC1 as soon as RC1 was released. Membership is very pleased. Everything smooth so far. Happy we made the move. Two styles, a blue one and a white one. Only official team colors were used throughout. Take a look and comment...
  9. Max Taxable

    XF 2.1 Dropping the site name from forum list

    It's redundant. How do I get rid of the site name from main forum page?
  10. Max Taxable

    XF 2.1 User Agent string in Who's Online?

    Is there an option to enable viewing UA strings in the online list, for admins?
  11. Max Taxable

    XF 2.1 Unregistered unable to mark forums read?

    I can't get it to where the unregistered usergroup can mark the forums read. I tried changing the Display condition to $xf.visitor in Navigation by editing the function and that works - but on click it prompts login. I want my unregistered guests to be able to mark the forums read without having...
  12. Max Taxable

    XF 2.1 Have beta 4 running, no upgrade to beta 5 detected?

    I get: There's an announced release of Beta 5, but no one-click feature working?