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  1. Joe Kuhn

    Win10 update puts screen in start-up loop

    In the video, along the left and right edges, you can see it going from a desktop with icons to a white screen to a black screen and back to a desktop...infinitely: This renders the machine useless. Almost. I was able to press Ctrl-Alt-Del and go into the Task Manager, where I eventually...
  2. Joe Kuhn

    Staying sane? - 3rd week of stay-at-home order for us.

    Since I work as a programmer during the day and have been on my machine quite a bit at night, I really needed to do something different. I went back to an old hobby of small engine repair. (I know, way off topic) Our mail lady asked if she could drop off a chain saw that her husband was not...
  3. Joe Kuhn

    XF 2.1 How to show tab delimited data in columns that are aligned correctly

    I'm working on a project for another member who has a site with tab delimited data in posts. He's got alignment problems, so I've offered to give him a hand at straightening out the columns for his forum members. The key for me has been to understand that the tab character is used as a...
  4. Joe Kuhn

    Personally know someone by name who tested positive for the virus?

    My wife's friend got her positive test result back 2 days ago. Had been in the hospital for pneumonia treatment. At home now. Lives in Chicago. When asked how she felt, she said, "Can't breathe." You?
  5. Joe Kuhn

    XF 2.1 Help w JavaScript to syntax color a new language

    I've installed the Code addon in my FoxProToCSharp discussion forum to add line numbering and line highlighting for my users. Code coloring is supported in XF via PrismJS which supports C#, but not FoxPro. My goal is to take the PrismJS file for VisualBasic and make it work for FoxPro...
  6. Joe Kuhn

    XF 2.1 Error for today's one click upgrade: ZipArchive class does not exist.

    Sorry fellas. I've looked and found nothing specific about how to correct this. Even the link below yields nothing that refers to ZipArchive that I can see: What am I overlooking? I've got v2.1.7
  7. Joe Kuhn

    XF 2.1 Logo development for a new site

    My new site is here I developed my own Forum icons and am liking the graphics work so much I started looking at logos. Since my forum theme is the translation of FoxPro programs to C#, I'm thinking of developing a logo that changes from the FoxPro logo to the C# logo one small piece at a time...
  8. Joe Kuhn

    XF 2.1 Forum icon rework

    I'm in Figma and I've got this worked out to replace the standard Forum icons I got the balloon CSV from The trick was, when I pasted the bubbles into my Frame, they didn't appear at all. Turns out the Width and Height were set to zeros...
  9. Joe Kuhn

    Upgrading to Win10 from 7 for free

    I've been doing this quite a bit in the last 6 months. Did 3 laptops at home and am working through the machines in my wife's office. In each case I first installed a 500 gb solid state drive from Western Digital. Cost me $65 each. They are WD 500 GB SSD Blues. Amazon pulls them right up, You...
  10. Joe Kuhn

    The main purpose of my forum is to provide an index of keywords in the obsolete programming language FoxPro along with their replacements in C#. I'm doing this kind of work myself, at work, and was thinking the other day, "What did I use for SYS(2015)?" So I decided to help myself and others...
  11. Joe Kuhn

    XF 2.0 - Love the ability to add tabs across the top

    Just found out about the ability to set up tabs across the top and am reorganizing my new site some. So instead of one long scrolling list of Forums, I can add tabs and move some of the long forum list into topical tabs. I started with "Stories". Very nice. Thanks! You do it here...
  12. Joe Kuhn

    I've got 2 ways to organize an event. Is there a third?

    I'm just getting started and was asked by the owner to prepare for the opening event in May with a focus on the forum. Reference is in my signature. First node is one way and is pretty spread out and I don't really like it. Second node is more compact at the top level and opens up if you're...
  13. Joe Kuhn

    Beginner admin checklist

    Look and feel including logo and any customizations Backup entire site regularly including database Google search results favorable Email system checked Help systems works Sponsor funding complete Granted some of these will have some pretty hefty details, but I'm just trying to make sure I...
  14. Joe Kuhn

    Need help with being found in Google Search

    When I search for "Mindful Kindness Community" my site doesn't come up within the first three pages of results. The showcase forum here does come up if I replace 'community' with 'forum'. Can anyone offer some advice on this? I'd like to come up on that first page, of course. Thanks, Joe
  15. Joe Kuhn


    See link in signature. Here's our logo:
  16. Joe Kuhn

    xf is setup - now change domain name on a limited acct

    xf is setup and working now on GoDaddy thanks to @AndyB. Purchased a new domain name that is more appropriate than The theme director chose from a pretty good list of alternatives. So be it. The new domain name is now parked as shown by the A...
  17. Joe Kuhn

    Life with GoDaddy

    After a long struggle with DreamHost I was completely locked out of my install of xf (Yes, I could not log in) and went to GoDaddy instead. Took me a couple of hours in between house chores to get it done. (uninstalled DreamHost site as agreed upon) First mistake I made was to install...
  18. Joe Kuhn

    Has anybody considered the .communty extension in a domain name?

    I'm considering using a domain name like "". The owner of the forum likes it and the usual .com version is parked with no response to my request to buy. It's parked with HostGator who has been less than clear about what to do about my picking it up. Current reg expires at the...
  19. Joe Kuhn

    Redirect HTTP to HTTPS automatically

    File Manager shows: I added lines 20 and 21, uncommented 25 and set my directory to '/community'. The rest of htaccess is unchanged. Doesn't redirect me in a new Incognito Chrome window. What am I missing? Thanks. https works just fine when you type it in...
  20. Joe Kuhn

    BOTS hitting a forum bad

    This is on a forum I happen to be a member of, but I'm a customer of xf too. So I'm interested in how to deal with this for my own future reference. Here's what we're seeing every morning until the admin cleans it up. It's a daily issue. It's not in version 2; copyright is 2016. How can...