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  1. -chris-

    a few more questions...

    The answer can be found in the license agreement, paragraph 11. lg, Chris
  2. -chris-

    Platinum License

    Since the first version of my answer was based on an error, I have corrected it: One of my licenses (XF 2.0) expired on July 3, 2018 and currently has access to version 2.07. The last update for XF 2.0 was 2.013, though. Yeah, but that's kind of inside information. Would be nice if security...
  3. -chris-

    [OzzModz] Advanced Forms [Paid]

    Presales License Question: Does it make a difference for the lifetime of my license (in regard to free upgrades) whether I purchase the license now or wait for the XF 2.2 compatible version? Chris
  4. -chris-

    Platinum License

    Well, these are not dreams, but the discussion is quite outdated. The main Xenforo competitors used to have licenses with lifetime updates. When Xenforo came out, however, the chapter was already largely closed. I myself hold some Burning Board (now Woltlab Community Suite Forum) Platinium...
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    Some presales questions...

    to be more specific: Article Management System by @Bob: You can see a Demo here: Xenporta, a Portal System: Widget Hompage...
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    Fixed Social Symbols disappearing in Edge

    No, I don't use an adblocker and haven't changed the default settings of Edge. In addition, I tried to disable the "tracking prevention" in Edge. I don't remember observing this behavior in Beta 1, but I may be wrong. 2.1 does not seem to be affected, as you can see here when you scroll down...
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    Fixed Social Symbols disappearing in Edge

    2.20 Beta 2: In Edge, current version (84.0.522.52, Windows 10), the "social symbols" disappear. After a refresh of the page they appear briefly and then disappear again: This behavior is only seen in Edge, in Chrome or Firefox the icons are visible: Addition: If you click on the share...
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    Resource Manager as a CMS?

    Maybe this meets your needs: -chris-
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    Alternative Resource Manager

    There is an addon that allows paid stuff in forum threads. It doesn't work directly with the Resource Manager, but you could offer a link to a corresponding thread. -chris-
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    Xenforo 2.2 release

    much better structured discussions -chris-
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    Upgrading an outdated license

    Thanks, but sorry, i did mean "update service" instead of "installation service" :oops: Chris
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    Upgrading an outdated license

    Hi, my license has outdated in November 2013. If I buy a "1 year extension" now, do I still get the actual version? What is the difference between "1 year extension" and "Installation service?" Chris