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  1. Urfe

    Waiting for blogs & gallery support.

    Waiting for blogs & gallery support.
  2. Urfe

    Roadmap / planned features

    I keep hearing people repeat this and I'm unsure why. The blog plugin delivered great basic blog functionality into vB (tagging, custom sidebars, custom pages, basic style customization). My users embraced it since the day it was added and I get lots of new posts daily. I've never heard any...
  3. Urfe

    LInux VPS Hosting.

    I've been with ServInt for about 5 years and been very happy with their VPS packages. They *may* allow different operating systems if you ask because I moved from RedHat to CentOS about a year back on the recommendation of one of their techs. It's nice to pick up the phone any time I want and...
  4. Urfe

    Integrated Blogs

    In one of my communities the blogs get heavy use. I got a copy of XenForo to play with and start theming but can't switch over my most active site until I have some way to replace this functionality. Really hope we eventually get this as an add-on again.
  5. Urfe

    Impossible to start reading unread thread from first post

    Just registered an account and was baffled why I was always being randomly taken to the middle of threads. Even if this system was working as intended I frequently like to start off by re-reading the OP.