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  1. Shyuan

    [XI] Blog [Paid] [Deleted]

    This is bad.. Was promised that it will be maintained, then no bug fixes no updates, and now deleted..
  2. Shyuan


    Its working fine.
  3. Shyuan

    Add-on Best Chat for Xenforo 1.4.2

    Okay make sense, I'm fine helping you but you need to ask specific questions or if you want me to login on behalf of you to deal with specific things. Send me a pm if you would like help. But I'm going offline now and will only be able to reply you hours later! Have a nice day ahead!
  4. Shyuan

    Add-on Best Chat for Xenforo 1.4.2

    Install [bd] widget framework addon to be able to put taiga chat on the sidebar. Or on the top before forum node list. Almost everything about xenforo or its addons is easy, you just need to spend more time explorin, learning and managing your forum if you're serious about having a forum. I...
  5. Shyuan

    Add-on Best Chat for Xenforo 1.4.2

    Haha, I don't quite remember what I don't like about arrowchat, but it's always individual thing. ;) One thing you want to note is that arrowchat works on mobile browser (means you can access the chat through mobile web) but $49 comet chat doesn't (though there's an app for it). Compare them...
  6. Shyuan

    Add-on Best Chat for Xenforo 1.4.2

    You are right, because like I mentioned taiga chat is more like a shoutbox or one whole general chat room for members (depending on which user group permission you allowed to use the chat). Whereas comet chat is more like facebook chat, can be 1-on-1 or group, online offline statuses. You would...
  7. Shyuan

    Add-on Best Chat for Xenforo 1.4.2

    Apologise, I mixed up! Thanks for clarifying.
  8. Shyuan

    Add-on Best Chat for Xenforo 1.4.2

    I am using both taiga chat and comet chat. They both serve different purposes on my forum. Comet chat allows one to one chat and chat rooms. Comet chat also allows you to choose which usergroup can use the chat. Comet chat is very simple to install but have quite some settings that you can set...
  9. Shyuan

    Mood Icons v2

    I can confirm it's not there. I went through the mood icons one by one. :/
  10. Shyuan

    Mood Icons v2

    @Shelley Me too, there are only 244 files in the folder, not 245. Demand Access is not in there.
  11. Shyuan

    Bookmarks [Paid]

    Hi @Daniel Hood, I owned a license of this addon. I wonder how should/do I login at xenmods to download the latest version? Thanks!
  12. Shyuan

    XF 1.3 "Undefined index: permissions" error occurred involving a number of addons

    Sorry for the late reply guys, mine was probably an issue with the blog addon. I disabled blog addon and the error didnt appear since then. I will also update my Tapatalk and see how it goes when I re-enable the blog addon.
  13. Shyuan

    Mailbox App for Mac OS X [Beta Invites Available]

    I have one token too but I'm not using mac, so anyone wants it let me know :)
  14. Shyuan

    XF 1.3 Skin Glitch

    The orange icons are RSS Feed icons which will be useful for your forum members to subscribe to the forum sections that they want to. Not sure why you didn't see it in IE, but again if this is third party style, you will have to seek support from the designer.
  15. Shyuan

    Style Rogue from Audentio Design

    It's really going to be a problem for me as I have only one forum! :cry:Your themes are really looking good! How do I use 10 themes on one forum? :( :LOL:
  16. Shyuan

    Is setting up RAID 1 important?

    If I'm in your position, I would get off site backup (like backupsy), then I would do HW RAID1. I normally prefer RAID10.
  17. Shyuan

    XF 1.3 AddThis limited integration?

    In my case, I use template modification to remove the share option from the original place (after clicking the permalinks) to reduce load, I then put the AddThis code on the sidebar (I use widget framework where the sidebar is always visible). Alternatively, you can also put the code under the...
  18. Shyuan

    Duplicate Responsive admin control panel

    Hi, Have you checked out this addon ?
  19. Shyuan

    XF 1.3 Can you add Username glow html in your username?

    This is why I learnt how to be more independent. Often you get such replies from people here if you don't put enough efforts searching or if you really missed out something and accidentally asked for something that already exist which you didn't realise. Been here for 2 years, it was *quite*...