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  1. dragonx47

    Will you be creating an importer for phpBB?

    I'm currently using phpBB, and I plan to eventually plan to get xF. Will a phpBB converter be available anytime soon?
  2. dragonx47

    It's a long day.....

    It's a long day.....
  3. dragonx47

    Full Feature List

    Is there some kind of features list for xenForo somewhere so I can get some idea of what is offers, rather than asking here or hunting in the admin cp demo?
  4. dragonx47

    Warning System

    Where can this mod be downloaded?
  5. dragonx47

    Warning System

    I've looked at the demo and xF seems to be an ideal package, but I now just need a way to track a user's misbehavior(a warning system). Is there a feature to track a user or something like that?