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  1. ArticWolf

    spam cleaner..

    is there a preference in regards to other words..which one do you use...cheers..
  2. ArticWolf

    XF 1.1 invisible option..

    first off can I close this off completely, at least to members, but keep it open for ONLY Admins/staff?
  3. ArticWolf

    XF 1.1 animated avatars..

    is there an add-on that is needed to allow animated avatars for members..would like to have staff only use them..
  4. ArticWolf

    XF 1.1 long time stay in ACP..

    is there a way that when I open up the ACP will remain active till I close down...gets rather frustrating to always re-log in...
  5. ArticWolf

    XF 1.1

    well I must sound stupid to most of you , but I need a bit of help as to how I place my banner in..will someone explain to me in a SBS?
  6. ArticWolf

    XF 1.1 Multi Languages..

    is there a thread pertaining to this where I can dload the various languages in 'XML-Document' ?
  7. ArticWolf

    XF 1.1 Inbox...

    after sending a pm, there is No sent mail box nor out-box to see , is there an Add-on that fixes this or a way in Xenforo?
  8. ArticWolf

    XF 1.1 removal of unwanted tab..

    I've inserted a pic that explains all...been trying in styles to no avail, hopefully someone has the answer.........thank you..and reducing the width doesn't work..
  9. ArticWolf

    XF 1.1 banning 'Mac Address'..

    do not know if in this script there is a way of banning the "Mac Address"..know one can ban the IP number..but...............thank you.
  10. ArticWolf

    deletion of multi PMs at once...

    I've seen this done in another site and would like to do it with mine, would somebody lend a hand and explain ..or is there an 'add-on' somewhere..thank you.
  11. ArticWolf

    this is a 'locking question'..

    I'm real new to your community, and so far without a doubt, I'm sure I chose the right software..I'm in need of 'locking' a sibling..a certain forum that contains eyes only for well seasoned members.. so my question is just that will someone explain to me if it can be done, and if so please...
  12. ArticWolf

    trouble with 'upload a file button'...

    surprising thought it was me but on this board it I'm very new to your script and in my opinion it is the best out there, guess that's why we got it for two years...however..I know this was sent in already but the answer was way to vague for with your permission please give me...