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  1. Netsultants

    XF 1.1 Forum down - When I click any link it says page not found

    Hello, I have a ticket into my hosting company to see if they can tell me if any files were changed / removed from the xenforo forum directory. I also have a ticket submitted at XF and I'm awaiting response. In the mean time I thought I'd post here. I've had a forum up that's been...
  2. Netsultants

    XF 1.1 Bounced email address : Issues with registration confirmation email not being sent

    Since the massive spam attacks hit XF I installed XenUtiles. It worked great in stopping the spam on my board but I started receiving a lot of bounced emails to my default email address. So I changed the Bounced Email Address to "" and the emails to the default address...
  3. Netsultants

    Spam through converstaions

    I'm noticing spammers are signing up and although I monitor posts for spam, I can't see their conversation activity. Today, because of an email bounce on a users closed email address I received a copy of a conversation. This new user (spammer) is spamming through conversations out of my...
  4. Netsultants

    Refresh my memory.... upgrade complete, do you remove install files?

    There is no reference to this in the .txt file. I seem to recall best practices is to remove the install folder or files once complete, no? (I might be thinking about VB)
  5. Netsultants

    XF 1.1 Upgrade change the folders?

    I did an upgrade and now have the following urls: I don't recall this in the old version. I thought it was: Is this a new setting or has it always been...
  6. Netsultants

    Lack of interest Google Analytics - Site Speed

    This issue has come up one one of my sites and we are loading this code. I only see the ability to put in your unique id...
  7. Netsultants

    I give up searching.....haha...who here knows who has the pilot website?

    I know there is someone here that has a pilot website as it was in his sig.... But now I don't see any threads he's been in and I forget the name. Any of you know who / name of the site. I wanted to check it out. Thanks
  8. Netsultants

    Lack of interest Make Signature not viewable for a usergroup

    I sometimes have new users that create a "questionable" signature. I don't want to ban them and I don't want to erase their sig. .... I had setup a usergroup in VB that was identical to a regular user except it would not display their signature. If I had a questionable user I would just quickly...
  9. Netsultants

    VB 3x to XF question regarding req. files

    When I setup XF from a VB 3x board I followed the data conversion instructions and added the redirect files to the VB 3x forum folder. Since then, XF has been running fine so I'm ready to remove any unnecessary VB files from the folder. So, my questions are: 1. If I just left the files...
  10. Netsultants page going black before showing thread

    Anyone else seeing this? When I click on a thread, before it shows the page the page is black for a few milliseconds.
  11. Netsultants

    Best Free Forum SW?

    FYI - I own two XF licenses and two VB suites..... That said, I'd like to know your thoughts on what's the best free forum sw. I have a site I'm developing that isn't quite ready for a paid solution. Thoughts?
  12. Netsultants

    [Paid] WP - XF integration with theme

    I have a site : Allergychat I like the look of the homepage and want a WP theme designed similar to what it looks like now. I want the articles to create a thread in xf. I want the comments to link to the threads so there is no commenting in WP. I want widgets on the side of the WP pages that...
  13. Netsultants

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Maximum Message Length - variable via user group

    Under admin>options>messages The variable "Maximum Message Length" is defaulted to 10000 char max. This is probably a good number, but it would be very helpful to allow different char max amounts by user group or, at a minimum, administrator override. There are times when I need to write a...
  14. Netsultants

    XF Forum FB Likes - Is there a way to see who liked?

    When you have a FB Page and you're the admin, you can see who likes your page. Is there a way to view who clicks "Like" in your xf forum?
  15. Netsultants

    [Request] Member last visit sort link

    In "Members" I need a "Last Visit" column with date/time. I need it to be a sortable column. Can I get some help with this please?
  16. Netsultants

    WordPress + XF + feeds

    I have a website, I like the css and style of the home page and want WP functionality in the area Allergy Articles. I want the Allergy News section to pull feeds on allergy news. I also want an area right above it for recent XF posts. Is anyone incorporating these features or...
  17. Netsultants

    Implemented  What's New - All Recent Activity link doesn't show

    All Recent Activity link doesn't show if there are no new posts you haven't read.
  18. Netsultants

    Duplicate Member list sort options

    This is a real issue for me. My site has users that come and view but don't post. I used to be able to list when they came to the site. Now I have no ability to monitor members that stop by but don't post. It's very beneficial to new and smaller boards.
  19. Netsultants

    Delete Poll - change vote - questions

    I had a member post a poll and she wanted to change her vote. I read through the posts here and I don't think changing votes has been implemented yet, true? Though, I can't seem to even delete her poll and create a new one. Am I missing something?
  20. Netsultants

    In Permissions - What is Revoke for?

    What is Revoke for? I get allow / deny...