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  1. Cmely

    Upgrade after license ended and domain change questions ?

    Hello, I bought a Xenforo license a while ago for a domain name that is not in use anymore (forum has definitively closed). The license has now expired. My questions are : If I would like to get again a valid license am I entitled to the upgrade price (40 $) ? If yes, will I be allowed to...
  2. Cmely

    XF 1.4 Change help topics order ?

    Is it possible to change the help topics order ? including the default ones and the admin created ones ? And if yes, how? thank you in advance for your help :)
  3. Cmely

    XF 1.4 Is it possible to change default banner (and prefixes) colors ?

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to change default banner (and prefixes) colors? I'm talking about those one : Is it possible to replace this set of colors by a custom set?
  4. Cmely

    XF 1.4 Importing from SMF 2.x - Attachment problems

    I'm trying to import database from my previous SMF 2.x forum. I'm using XF 1.4.3. On my SMF forum, avatars and attachements are stored in the same folder. So I left blank the second field when was asked for avatars and attachements folders. First time I ran the importer, I had no errors but...
  5. Cmely

    XF Gallery - Trophy for picture posted in a specific category?

    I would like to know if there is a possibility to give to users some trophy points if one of their picture is uploaded in one specific category of the Gallery ? Or, if not, if this may be planned in a future release ? Or, if not, it you know an addon that could add this feature ? Thank you.
  6. Cmely

    XF Gallery - Setting upload limit?

    Is there a way to limit the number of pictures uploaded in the gallery per day and per user ? or even better : per day and per membergroup? Thank you for your answer :)
  7. Cmely

    About importing from SMF

    I'm sorry to ask my question here and not in the appropriate thread, but I've not (yet) buy XF so I'm not allowed to post. My question is about importing from SMF to XF. I've read the FAQ but still have some questions : Let say my forum (under SMF) is currently hosted on my server in...
  8. Cmely

    Gallery question - Recent pictures on homepage

    Hi, I have another question about Xenforo Gallery addon : I would like to know if there is a way (built-in the gallery or with an additional addon) to show the X most recent pictures (or a specific category) on the home page of the forum ? I'm looking for something equivalent to what I have...
  9. Cmely

    Before migrating from SMF 2.0 to XF - Gallery question - 2

    This one will be easier to answer than my first one I guess. I'm using SMF Gallery Pro (from SMF Hacks) on my forum. Do you know if it is (easily) possible to migrate pictures from this gallery to a XF gallery ? Thank you for your information.
  10. Cmely

    Before migrating from SMF 2.0 to XF - Gallery question - 1

    Hi, I'm currently considering switching from my current forum which is running under SMF 2.0.7 to a XF installation. I have, as you can certainly imagine many questions. Some of them are related to the use of a Photo Gallery and I definitively need your help on this regard, due to the...