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    XF 1.4 Removing Likes count

    We are looking for a way that members can like posts but that the likes do not get added to the author ... another words if 3 people clicked like on this post the post will show likes, but the likes will not be added to my profile. While I am not very knowledgeable about coding, it seems...
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    XenForo accessibility - for Visually impaired

    I did walk her through the demo yesterday again. The issue is simply with a completely empty database the screen reader sees no change happening unless changing from one function to another so she had no way of knowing if it was "working" or not. Selecting a tile takes to a new set of functions...
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    XenForo accessibility - for Visually impaired

    Thanks for the prompt reply ! I will have our forum owner look again and try with JAWS again on that, but it may imply there was an issue with compatibility in that case. In the mean time, if anybody can answer directly about compatibility / accessibility with JAWS (that is the most...
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    XenForo accessibility - for Visually impaired

    We are considering converting our forum from vbulletin to xenForo. One large hurdle remains and I was hoping to hear (ideally in a perfect world) from somebody with first hand experience. How does xenForo perform with text readers - particularly JAWS for blind and visually impaired? More...