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  1. GlitchWin

    XF 2 Simple addon edit

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a developer to assist me in making a change to one of the addons that I have installed on our website, it is a super simple change that needs to be done and will not take much time, please get in touch if you would be able to!
  2. GlitchWin

    XF 2 URGENT - Registration API Build

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a developer who would be able to work on building a registration API. What this API needs to do: Auto create a user account with random username + password Email the user's given email with the account credentials (user + pw) Please PM me if you are the person...
  3. GlitchWin

    XF 2 Backend Developer required!

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a backend developer with experience in multiple board installs. Please DM me for more information.
  4. GlitchWin

    XF 2 Custom Development Job - URGENT

    Hi everyone. We are looking for a developer to build a simple user upgrade modification on our Xenforo platform. Glitch offer a variety of premium upgrades ( We also offer a variety of gaming services such as gaming challenges and eSports tournaments, users...
  5. GlitchWin

    XF 2 Developer needed! Custom style implementation (design already made)

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a developer who can implement a custom style to my Xenforo website, we have already paid a designer to make a fully completed UI design and just need a developer to implement it onto the site as a custom style for us. To complete this job you need to be: English...
  6. GlitchWin

    Developer needed! Simple custom Xenforo dev job.

    Hey there! I am looking for someone to help me out with a project of mine. I am running a gaming challenge website, using xenforo as the backbone of the website. I would need someone to implement a system that does the following: Auto reply to threads in a specific forum Auto move threads in...